Friday, 31 July 2015

Menswear | S T Y L E D O U T F I T S

Since I featured GlossyMiss1 a little while back I can't stop thinking about menswear, and since then there have been numerous posts on the blog, both in features and in the Guest Writer posts, so I've finally gotten around to my turn - a Styled Outfits post with 3 menswear pieces, 2 of which were already on the blog but I wanted to include anyway.
Firstly the Denim Styled Shirt - I'm a bit of a weirdo in that I quite like double-denim, so that's what I ended up going for with this look of the DKNY jeans. I added the Chloe Inspired Sweater and this tiny Voile clutch to add some sort of almost-glamour, however kept it very casual with some simple flats.
My second look features the Independence Shirt (it is still in the Plaza, I just can't for the life of me find the link, sorry!), and I wanted to stick to one of the primary colours on the shirt for the rest of my look. The red seemed obvious once I saw this Balmain blazer sitting in my closet! Totally simple with the black jeans and heels because I think the shirt and the blazer do plenty of talking themselves!
My final look, which may be cheating a little because it's mostly covered, but uses the Multi Color Sweater. I do love the colours in it, but these PPQ trousers and this navy velvet-style jacket seemed like too good a match with it to pass up, so it did end up mostly covered, oh wel, I still like it, maybe I'll repeat an attempt at this one in the future^


  1. All outfits are beautiful but for sure the second is my favourite, it looks so effortless and yet so stylish, great look

  2. Same as Tania, second look is gorgeous! <3
    - mirdith