Saturday, 18 July 2015

S U B C O U T U R E | Release Review

A brand new Subcouture collection was released yesterday, which we've known about for a week, so it was very much anticipated. The homepage ad is very modern and bright, with quite a hip hop feeling to it, but it does strike me as something I'm not sure is for me - some people will love it though!
To me the store doesn't give an immediate 'wow' feeling, what does impress me is that only a couple of pieces are SS only - so it's open to everyone which is great! Although some prices might not be accessible to all at least the option to buy is actually there =)
Overall I get a very mix-match vibe from this store because I don't see much flow between looks or a clear theme from the pieces available. Maybe a little futuristic with the metals? I'm not sure - I think I'd prefer a theme really and then I could understand the release a little better.
There's nothing really wrong with the clothes - I think they're well designed and all seemed to have a good fit when I tried them on, however there's not a piece that stands out as the clear winner of the collection. I did end up buying two dresses - the Watermelon Caftan Dress and the Lily Mini Dress, plus I'm currently thinking about the Fraise Print Dress, so that could be added to my wardrobe in the next few hours! Of the non-dresses, I haven't bought anything yet, however the Frayed Star Denim Skirt is looking appealing. I like the print on the two mens pieces (Lace Blazer W Shirt and Lace Trousers), I wish it was on something for the girls too^ I felt the accessories were a little disappointing for my style, nothing really fits in with me or seems all that great to style. I bought the Silver Slimane Heels because I do think I will get a lot of use out of them and they could be worn in any style, I just don't LOVE them a lot at this moment (I very well could be taking that statement back soon though, ha!). The bags did nothing for me, and those eyelashes ... they're just a bit questionable to me, so a definite no purchase there (plus they're 20SD's for one eyelash, 40 for a set seems excessive to me!).
Onto the prices, the range is 10 to 30 SD's, which is alright, it's definitely not the best if you're wanting something for the name but don't necessarily want to fork out a large amount for one of the dresses, which are all at the top end of the pricing. And it's not all that non-SS friendly if you're a fairly new member. I contemplated renewing if the collection was all SS only, but I don't think I would have, because although I did buy items, they wouldn't have been worth topping up over.
So I've actually included Styled Outfits in the post for once - but that's mainly because I'm away on a work trip next week and I don't know when I'll get time to sit at my laptop. So I styled the Lily Mini Dress and included the Silver Slimane Heels and I really love what I came up with, just putting these two looks together made me so pleased I bought this dress, even if the top half isn't entirely my style, I've attempted to solve it in both looks:

What do you guys think of the collection - buy anything you love? And then my looks? Comment below! 

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