Friday, 17 July 2015

Dotted fringe

Todays feature is someone who has always 'brought it' on the fashion scene - RituskaRitka! I adore this look mainly for those dotted trousers (they're from Bizou and I've searched for them in the Bazaar for a very long time!) and they're stealing the whole look! The creativity comes from the addition of the fringed trousers beneath, giving the dotted piece of perfection an edge. The leather top is a fashionable add, and that accessories have been chosen well (P.S. they were both freebies, they really can go a long way sometimes^). And lets not forget the makeup look - those eyelashes truly drew me in and typically I'd go for eyes or lip, but wow they're both fab on their own and complementary to each other. Overall such an amazing look =)

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