Thursday, 9 July 2015

Re-Release | HotBuys Summer Retro | S T Y L E D O U T F I T S

So the summer of 2013 brought us the Hot Buys Summer Retro store for the first time (if you're wanting some terrible reviews and pictures - here and here!) and now we've gotten some more floors! I feel like a lot of these pieces in the release are very familiar, like we've had them recently, so I'm not bothered by a whole review - but I did buy one item, the Laser Shorts, and I wanted to share a couple of my quick stylings with them:
I've honestly been trying to put together these looks since the store was released earlier this week but I simply haven't had time - it's hard being a real adult who doesn't get summer holidays! Anyways, these 3 looks are what I've come up with for the shorts, a piece which I really love!
For the first look, I went with this black blazer because it covered up the panels, which I helps people to see the potential in the shorts, so I went with a full black outfit just about. But I do still see it as fairly summery - think it's the legs out speaking! My second look was the one I came up with first, because I knew immediately I wanted to wear this top with the shorts. Accessorising was pretty easy, and I'm really loving these silver Dior heels a lot more these days. My final look comprises a second pair of shorts, I just wanted to see the combination of the two, and I love these leather ones with the addition of the Hotbuys laser cut out bottom. I chose a cork-wedge for the shoes, and I think they work well with the black ankle strap paired with the shorts. A basic shirt worked well, and I kinda love getting to use this LE bag in there too^


  1. Love all the outfits.
    I didn't pay much attention to these shorts, but your outfits make me wanna buy it!

    1. I feel like I had these before and then sold them, no idea why when they can look great :)

  2. First one... PERFECT!
    - mirdith