Friday, 3 July 2015

F E V E R | Release Review

Today we received a new drop of Fever in the plaza! After seeing the spoilers yesterday I was pretty impressed but completely puzzled over what store they'd be for, so it was definitely a pleasant surprise that it was Fever because the last releases haven't really caught my eye - this one is completely the opposite! The homepage ad is also very fresh and fun, so will definitely attract buyers =)
The layout is fairly typical, but the backdrop is super pretty and I think will definitely be a popular purchase (Beach Mansion Interior = 24/27SDs) and I think it will be hugely versatile for how everyone chooses to style it, I might even give it a go myself! The clothing is perfect summer clothing with a light, bright, and airy feel about all of the pieces. I also think that although there is a clear theme, there are pieces which people could easily fit in elsewhere if the whole concept isn't for them - like the Crisp White Shirt Dress, or the Blue Skies Cami. I love many pieces of the collection, and honestly couldn't pick out a favourite item of clothing so it makes me very excited to make some looks for you! Accessories-wise, they are great! I love the bags plus the variety in them, and I think the Green Scarf Tote is gonna be a major favourite amongst, well, everyone! With the shoes, I do love a good wedge (i.e. the Cork Wedges) but I miss a good flat sandal, I know I don't wear them that often, but I have a few pairs I love and would totally add to that collection^
The prices range from 5 to 17SD's, with really only one or two pieces right at that top end, so it's a very affordable collection overall. I purchased 4 or 5 items and only ended up spending somewhere around 40SD's, so there's some pretty good deals with this store and I will definitely be having a second look later on!
My styled outfits post from this store will come on Sunday, but for now, a couple of fabulous features:
Mia1435 | Cute Crochet Top (p.s amazing ring!)

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