Thursday, 23 July 2015

We Wear Hotbuys J U L Y | Fan Clutch + Armani Inspired Purse

I was away for work from the last weekend until today and I didn't get as much downtime as I'd hoped so couldn't compile these posts for the two Hotbuys that were released during that time, but have no fear, here are looks and polls =)
Firstly the Fan Clutch from Bizou released on the 19th of July. This is definitely a different piece, something we've not had before on Stardoll and generally not something I would wear, but it's worth a go and cost 12SD's, so not too much of an expense:
Only two to choose from in the poll, and I don't like my look so much, so I think it'll be an easy win for Lauri^

Secondly we have the Armani Inspired Purse from Fallen Angel released on the 21st of July costing 15SD's and is totally worth that price! I for one love the bag and think it could easily fit into anyone's style:
A great piece here and what I feel are 3 pretty variable looks all based on black - so maybe a tough decision on which to vote for in this poll!

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