Saturday, 11 July 2015

We Wear Hotbuys J U L Y | Draped Cami

Today we received the latest Hotbuy in our Plaza, in the form of the Draped Cami from Pretty 'n Love for 14SD's - I really enjoyed styling this piece, and I'm sure the Guest Writers did too, so take a look at what we've come up with:
Four to choose from with this one, and I think we've all gone very different routes with this piece =)
And here's the poll - looking at the stats on the last two, I'd say these have been super popular, and I think it's great, so be sure to vote your favourite before 10pm on the 13th of July when the poll closes!


  1. I need to admit that this new section - We Wear Hotbuys, is one of the most entertaining here ever! Gotta love it if it`s created by such a stylish group of individuals so I hope that it will be continued in next months.

    My vote immediately went to sparklewand12. Kirsten`s look is definitely the closest to my heart for it`s rock and even more chic vibe at the same time! :)
    The other looks seem to be kinda messed... Well:
    2. The bags are totally from a different alley. I would stick to classics instead of the need of being original.
    3. It`s too oversized - this beautiful doll lost all her proportions by wearing this big sack.
    4. So empty... It`s crying for some accessories...

    1. As far as Lauri's outfit goes, the over-sized look is a timeless trend. Take a look at the Olsen twins. It is too my favourit look of the bunch this week, and evidently to everyone else too since they received the highest amount of votes.

      For my look, I must also speak on the others behalf. This Hotbuys segment is merely a quick styling of the latest piece released. There is a reason we do not save these looks in our suites, or post them individually on the blog, they are simplistic outfits on our interpretation of the item. There is also the fact we have a very limited time to make these outfits. The diagnosed critiques are also not appreciated.

    2. I think this new section (you're welcome for the idea Kirsten btw...) is good and it's great that people can write their opinions as olivia did. I don't know why you get pissed off for opinions. She can thinks that a look is oversized, empty or whatever. In fashion there is no one thing wrong and one not. It's all about different tastes.

      (sorry I needed to say that)

    3. Just a friendly reminder that this blog is a swear-free zone :)

    4. No Mireia M, there is a difference between a simple opinion and pedantic fault-finding. Kirsten had to go to the trouble of deleting past opinions, as you say, to keep the blog in high spirits, and not let moronic comments degrade the blog. Though I see where you are coming from, it's not the case.