Saturday, 4 July 2015

We Wear Hotbuys J U L Y | Gold Stiletto Sandals

Hey hey, new segment! This is the brand new Hotbuys segment that I think I mentioned a wee while ago - and is basically gonna involve myself and the present Guest Writers at the time having a go at styling the latest Hotbuy, and you can even vote for your favourite in a poll at the end! And you may have noticed the Hotbuys picture in the sidebar to the right - that gets updated when new monthly Hotbuys are shown, and it also links straight to the original page on Stardoll so click it and bam, you're in the StarBlog looking at the original post and can check out release dates and such =D
Today is the first July Hotbuy, and these are the Hotbuys Gold Stiletto Sandals from RIO costing 12/13SD's. White and gold? What's not to love - so take a look at how we got on with these shoes:
You can vote for your favourite in the poll below - it will be open until the 6th of July at 10PM (UK time). There isn't a prize, but it will be great to see what the viewers like between the 3 of our looks!


  1. All really awesome looks but yours is more of my personal style Kirsten. Really minimalistic and classic. Awesome job =^-^=

  2. Natalie_Hearts_ is my favourite!

  3. My favourite is SoniaBellaStone. I like the colorful accessories.