Sunday, 26 July 2015

R I O | Release Review

Brand new drop from RIO at the end of the week there, as usual a very gold theme around it, which I think looks amazing on the homepage ad, it totally draws the eye and draws me in with all that shimmer and shine!
For me the store disappoints with the green background, but hey, not much I can do about that - plus it's the clothing we're there for! There's a very good mix of pieces with tops, bottoms, dresses and jumpsuits. The same goes for the accessories with the shoes, jewellery and belt, although a bag would have been a good addition too^
There are a couple of pieces which remind me of Hotbuys, particularly the Shiny Sequin Mini Dress (which reminds me of the January 2012 Hotbuys Glitter Dress - click HERE for a picture and review from one of the best on the blogging scene) and the Metallic Shine Platforms (these a very similar to this months Hotbuys Gold Stiletto Sandals and also 3SD's cheaper if that's something that sways you to an item!), and I'm sure the Gold Straps Bodycon is looking familiar too^
Anyway I love some of the individual pieces of clothing, especially the Gold Brocade Shorts. In terms of whole pieces, the Cute Cutout Romper is definitely up there in the ranks. These are two pieces I bought and I will style the Gold Brocade Shorts for you just a little later down the post!
Pricing is fairly as expected for the store, ranging from 6 to 17SD's with most accessories falling under the 10SD mark. There are only two SC items, the Gold Metal Belt (a true bargain at 45SC) and the Gold Fringe Crop Top.
So, we've already seen Larui styling the Metallic Pleat Skirt on Friday, so here are my Styled Outfits for this release:
I went for the opposites with these looks, one black and one white - I kinda love them both, particularly the bags I've chosen for each look. Plus I'm impressed that I got bags in both, accessorising will always be a problem, ha!

Anyways, what did you guys think of the release? And the looks from the items so far? Let me know in comments!


  1. I'm not big fan of Rio, too much bling bling maybe. I love the look with the white top!

    1. Yeah generally I'm not the biggest fan of RIO, but I'd say in the last couple of releases I've found a few pieces that I hope I can make work^

    2. Same! Too bling bling and maybe a little tacky usually :S

  2. Love the stylings you did with the shorts! I will add them to my wishlist now :)
    - mirdith