Wednesday, 29 July 2015

D O T | Release Review

An amazing beauty release on Monday in the form of a new Dot collection - it's called Bronze, and that homepage ad has totally sold the collection to me, and that was without even seeing it. It might have been good to have a few dolls there wearing the products, but the colour tones alone really do it for me^
So there are basically 5 shades for us - and each comes in lipstick, lip pencil, eyeshadow, shadestick, eye liner liquid and pencil, both mascaras, eyebrow pencil and blush - phew, what a list! But hey, I'm sure we need ALL those products =D
I just posted about dark lips not working on my doll, but these shades are perfect! I haven't done a lot of looking around to find features, so I'll just be using pictures of the products on my own doll - I'm sure most of you will find one of the colours to work because they're just that versatile! On a side note to that, I did buy the Nude Beige Blush because it didn't look too bad when I tried it, but giving it a go again hasn't worked out for me - so definitely try the blush shades a couple of times before getting one I'd say! I bought all the lipsticks, yep and I'm definitely not ashamed to admit it^ I love all the shades and have included two down below. For me the Burgundy Brown was perfect as it's super close to one of my favourites, the Cream Burgundy from Sephora. I also adore the Nude Beige - as you can see below it's super similar to my natural lip colour but adds a little matte effect. I'm totally going to be using this all the time I'm feeling! As fpr eyes - I've gotten into the shadesticks a lot - so I purchased two, the Mocca and the Milk Chocolate both which I think work with my eyes alright. The Nude Beige was just too pale, I can't see it at all on my skin. But I find, for whatever reason, I like the shadesticks more than the eyeshadows - I mean they're the same colours and the shadows are 3SD cheaper ... but I'm too attached, haha! Now what I wish for is these colours with a tad of shimmer, not too much, just like the tiniest amount - it seems I'll never be pleased, but don't get me wrong, I seriously do love this release!
I didn't purchase any of the eyeliners or eyebrow pencils or mascaras, right now I don't feel like I'll use them, but I do think, if the colours are good for you, that the liquid liners would be a good investment to make because they're only 4SD each^

Anyway, what do you guys think of this release? Winner in your books too? Let me know in comments!

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