Sunday, 1 March 2020

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Time for a new Pretty 'N Love release - although this one had a bit of a twist as it wasn't so based on pink tones and had a little more of things for those who aren't so into pink. I didn't like this offering so much, the colours are fine but the styles are not so much my thing - I did manage to pick up a colour of pieces though, and you guys seemed to like this one, particularly the Kaki Shorts which start off the features! Blair is styling up the Kaki Shorts with the Heart Belt. The shorts are great with this light sweater, the mid-tuck style is perfect to show off the belt design too, it looks fab^ The other accessories are very fitting with the belt, and it really ties all of the pieces together, love seeing this little bag styled, and the shoes are a very nice fit =)
Next up with the Kaki Shorts is sweet_gal11, adding more of the similar tone to the look with this overcoat. I love the layering in this styling, the coat gives it a winter touch, while the yellow top and the tweed blazer add lighter touches. I love the blazer peeking out under the coat, it totally reminds me to style it! Love the green booties added, they give such a fun touch^
And the final look with the Kaki Shorts, miss.privacy who also makes use of the Triangle Hand Bag too, the green really pops against the brown tone. I love the 'all out' look with the beige colour all over, the half-tuck sweater is such a cool piece to wear with the shorts, and I adore the use of these boots, the sheen adds an extra texture to add more layers. The accessories finish the look well, love the cool use of green!
And finally with a different piece, turkiye styling the KYE Skirt in a fantastic red combination, talk about show stopping! The skirting looks fabulous with the layers of red, love the polo neck and the ruffling and V neck of the dress, heavy but perfect layering! All of the accessories are fitting in red, love the glasses and the sandals especially =)
And now for my stylings, I picked up two pieces so far, the KYE Skirt and the Different Toe Heels, I'm also a little tempted by the Triangle Hand Bag and the Flounce Top. First up with the Skirt, I knew I wanted to go with black to keep it a little wintery, and I love the effect of this floral cardigan, it makes a perfect match with the red flowers in the print too. The white details made perfect to add white accessories, love these boots in this styling! For the Heels I found there were so many options, they really work well with a lot of bottom pieces, from light to dark and even prints - which is what I went with, I really love the combination! The white flower in the print is good for the inclusion of the shirt and furry coat, helping the look be a little wintery. This Dior bag is a great pairing for the shoes too! 

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