Saturday, 21 March 2020

A N T I D O T E | Styling Shoes

And next up time to share my shoe stylings from the recent Antidote release! I think I might have become a bit of a shoe addict, perhaps that could be a future challenge or clear out^ Anyway, there were a lot of shoes to pick from in this release and I bought 3 pairs to add to my wardrobe. First up the Suede Heels which I liked for the colour and black design components. I will say I did find them a little tricky to style due to the suede colouring, but I'm really pleased with the final outcome, I think the lighter trousers with the darker tones on top works well and helps balance to show off the shoes. It's a nice styling for Spring combining the light and dark tones with lighter fabrics, I'm especially loving this blazer in the look. Secondly styling the GCDS White Over Knee Heels which I just couldn't resist at all! The looser design around the knee is something to work around, so either tucking in trousers or wearing a shorter length which is what I opted for - I actually found so many mini-dresses which looked awesome with the style of these boots. I chose this sweet floral piece that I haven't worn in such a long time, I think the styles work very nicely together. I accessorised to match the colours in the dress and I think it works very nicely for a minimal styling, I really love it and I can't wait to style these boots again =) And the final pair, the GCDS Champagne Heels which were the first pair I bought, they just looked so classic and I knew I would really regret not buying them! I knew I wanted to choose brown tones for my first styling, and I think this polo is a perfect colour-fit with the shoes. I tried quite a few options for the bottom half, and I loved how the tulle skirting looked, and I think the pink beneath really adds something a little different the brown coloured looks, I'm happy with it^ And accessories to match the theme, I'm pretty happy with this one overall too =D

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