Monday, 16 March 2020

O R I G I N A L F U T U R E | Styled Outfits

Last week brought us a new Original Future release, it's one of my least favourite stores, and this release made no exception to that. I did however pick up one piece which stood out to me in the release - the Brittany Design Turtleneck, which would have been a perfect staple for the winter months. It does make a pretty good layering piece, and as a bonus, it's in SC's, so very affordable!
It's a pretty basic piece, so my looks are quite simple, I found that I was covering it up a lot more than intended to show if off, so I tried to keep the looks more basic. It works in both dark and light outfits, first up I paired it with these wide leg trousers which have quite a similar texture vibe as the top, they really have a lot of detail in them to add to the top. The black jacket keeps it simple, with the wide opening helping show the top. Accessories super simple in silver, but I found that one of the best colours to work with the top. For the second look I tried something a little smart, love the pleat on these white trousers and the matching white blazer keeps the top popping out against the bright colour. I chose a pair of boots I don't think I've ever worn before, but with the grey glitter these seem a good fit for the top, I'm so glad I tried them out! Also a grey bag against the white, and black sunglasses tie in very nicely. I'm super happy with these looks and they really tell me this top will make a good versatile piece^

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