Friday, 6 March 2020

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This was a fun Callie's Picks release for sure - the first one which was curated by members, or more specifically, one member, mfentyx who won a styling contest a little while back on the site. The choices are a lot of older pieces with an older style of graphics, this isn't one I like personally, but there are a couple of winning pieces included for sure! First up a feature, millaxx looking super cool in the Breezy Spotted Skirt which really pops with that bold red^ The black base is perfect to let the spots stand out, the sunglasses and heels are super fitting, and I adore  the use of this bag, I love the printing contrast between the pieces for sure. The red is a great addition, it totally draws you in!
I already owned the pieces that I would have wanted to purchase, so I'm styling them up here anyway. First up the Pink Silk Spot Dress, which I can't get enough of with these pink boots^ I love the idea of a navy coat with this dress, but don't quite have one with the perfect colour match, this one works fine, but it's not perfect. Pink accessories all the way with the rest of the darker style. Just love these polka dots so much! Then secondly the Hot Buys Zip Snake Heels which I have really loved having since they came out over 6 years ago! These shoes are just great, so versatile and easy to work with in many styles, I really urge you to buy them if you haven't yet =D I chose a skirt to shoe off the cool ankle strap design, and the open coat works well for that too. Love adding the snake print to fit the name of the shoes, haha^ The print pops with the basic black pieces and I added a fun silver bag to match too as the shoes have little silver details. Overall a great outfit to show off these shoes!

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