Friday, 13 March 2020

H O T B U Y S R E V I S I T E D | March 2019

It's that time again to look back to the HB's from March 2019, these were a little of a mixed bag, with some different styles on offer - at the time I wasn't so big on the clothing, I much preferred the accessories. Looking back, I'm not so much a fan of my stylings of the pieces back then, but styles change, so all normal! I have worn the LV Party Sunglasses quite a bit, as a layering piece with other pairs, and I've also styled the Balenciaga Inspired Jeans Skirt a few times too. Today I'm going to style up my least worn items, the Balenciaga Inspired Shirt and the LV Inspired Boots:
Ok, I have to say these were a little tricky to style and I totally understand why I've ignored them a little^ But I'm quite pleased with the outcome. First for the Shirt, this was tricky, I wanted to include some matching green, but it's quite a specific shade of green to match with and I have nothing even close, so gold was my focus in the accents but I'm pretty pleased with the matching of the shoes, bag and necklace with the shirt. The black trousers add a neutral touch to really let the shirt pop and I think it works out very nicely =) I couldn't decide if these Booties were pink or red, nevertheless they look goof with both colours but I leaned towards pink this time with a white base, that really lets the boots stand out. I was a little unsure about cuff lengths with these boots because it's really all about the cool shaping around the ankle, I think a midi skirt or dress will work well to show that off, so I'll need to try that next time. But these trousers work out ok I think. Pretty happy with this styling, but think it could be better for these boots for sure!

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