Monday, 30 March 2020

M A R C H 2 0 2 0 H O T B U Y S

It's the end of March already, I think this has been a very quick month, and now things are slowing down a little more with all of the happenings in the world. We got our HB's alike in February with two windows released throughout the month with 1 male and 2 female looks to enjoy - I for one love the look and vibes of these looks already!

This months pieces are all based on Isabel Marant, I love this so much and I for sure think we need more like this in the Plaza. These pieces are all branded as The JetSet, which is typically an SS-only store, however these pieces are available for all members, which is great^ I love the blue theme which runs throughout, firstly quite delicately in the prints on the HotBuys IsabelMarant Shoulder Blouse (The JetSet, 21SD's) and the HotBuys IsabelMarant Pattern Boots (The JetSet, 16SD's) which were among the first pieces we got. The blue really pops on the white base of the pieces and I love the mixing with the burgundy, it's something different, eye catching and super stylish. Our second drop had another amazing top, the HotBuys IsabelMarant Turtleneck (The JetSet, 21SD's), I'm loving this great choice of blouses to choose from, it's fantastic for the Plaza! The pattern on this one is just stunning, the mix of colours is beautiful and I love the overall design and the collar - I'm glad it looks just like the real one, I totally wish I had it in RL now^ I also adore our second pair of boots, the HotBuys IsabelMarant Boots (The JetSet, 15SD's) which are pretty much a wardrobe staple in classic black, I love the calf-height, the fabric body of the boot and then the sheeny pointed-cap on the toe, they just look so sleek and great on the doll =)

This is a great Spring transition look from singiel styling the HotBuys IsabelMarant Shoulder Blouse. The floral details really pop out against the printing on the bag, it's such a fun accessory to choose^ I wasn't sure how black would pair with this piece with the focus on blue in the details, but the trousers look good and I love the smart vibes they bring. Super cool styling overall!
Next up we have france25 styling the HotBuys IsabelMarant Turtleneck, I just found this look so inspiring for the piece! The white segments really pop with the silk light trousers, and I adore the ruffling cuffs added to the sleeves, they're perfect for the style of the piece! The belting is a stylish addition, the colour of the piece is perfect, and I love the sleek makeup styling, such a great look for the top =)
And lastly millaxx wearing the HotBuys IsabelMarant High Waist Denim which really pops against the other colours in the look - I love the slimming around the calf with the chunky black patent boots, super cool! The white shirt lightens the look and I love the chunky oversizing of the sweater against the fit of the trousers. Also that bag - I didn't want it before, and now I really do^

And time for my looks, first up the HotBuys IsabelMarant Pattern Boots, which I've not seen anyone else style yet, I love the retro vibes they have to the style. I love this blue overcoat with the colour of the printing on the boots, it's a great match. To keep the focus on that I've gone super simple with white pieces for the rest of the look. I think these boots will also look great with some sweet Spring/Summer dresses^ Next up the HotBuys IsabelMarant Boots, these are so easy to style, they'll work very well with many styles and pieces, I kept it fun with some leopard print. This a look typical for me, and I'm sure these will work well with everyones 'typical' look. I think these will work very nicely in Autumn/Winter stylings. And finally the HotBuys IsabelMarant Turtleneck which I just love so much! There are so many colours in the blouse to choose to accent in a look, I went with these burgundy trousers which I think are a great fit with the colour and cut of the blouse. The green on this bag isn't too bad a fit with that on the blouse, I love it against the red and it works with the black and gold details too. Love this set of stylings so much =D

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