Friday, 20 March 2020

A N T I D O T E | Release Review

This past weekend it was time for a new release of Antidote! It's been a little while since our last release, so this one is quite timely. The advertising gives nothing away about the collection, but indicates a typical street-wear style to the pieces.
Highlights This release is just one floor, so is a quite a small one - however I'd say it's pretty good actually, and definitely to my taste with the neutral colour palate! There are 6 looks for girls and 1 for the guys with this one.
Accessories It's a pretty good number of accessories for the size of the collection, my eyes immediately go to all of those shoes! There are 6 pairs, one for each look which must be some sort of record. They're split between heels and boots - I really like both pairs of heels, the Suede Heels are super cute with their black toecap and strap across the foot while having a neutral base, and the GCDS Champagne Heels just look like such a classic piece with a great sheen and a beautiful dark caramel colour. Of the boots I'm very much drawn to one pair in particular, the GCDS White Over Knee Heels, these are kind of fabulous^ I love the colour and the overall design of these, they have a great fit and I like the slouching around the leg. There are a couple of bags in this release, with the dinky trend being fulfilled for sure - I'm a big fan of the GCDS Mini Bag, it's white with gold details, what's not to love?!?!
Clothing With the clothing I think there are a few questionable pieces, and neon is still a feature which I'm not so much a fan of, but I was very happy to be able to pick up a couple of pieces. The first piece I spotted was the GCDS Blue Blazer which I just think is stunning! The colour makes it pop in the store, and I think it's such a great current trend piece to have in the Plaza. I'm not sure I'm 100% sold on the masculine square fit, but I love the colour, the silk fabric, and the overall vibes on the doll - I'm really excited to style it up! I love the neutrals game this release brought, they're such versatile shades that really anyone can work into their style and ideas. The GCDS Dot Jacket is pretty cool, I like the oversizing and frilling at the hem, but it's the quilted style that really jumped out, it looks so great! I think it's fab that there are so many pairs of trousers in this release, I just don't like the style of them for my doll. The final piece that I'm so excited about is the GCDS V Neck Blouse, initially I was a little uncertain about the cropped length, but my love of the colour and the beautiful draping of the piece won out - I am so glad to have this in my wardrobe!
Prices This release ranged from 12 to 70SD's, with most pieces settling quite well in the middle - I didn't find this one too expensive for the pieces we were getting. This release was also available to everyone, with no SS or Royalty limits, which is fantastic^
Styled Outfits I bought quite a lot of things this time around, and as always I went crazy on the shoes, so there will be a separate shoe styling post later, but for now, the rest of my purchases! First up the GCDS V Neck Blouse and I just love this look, I've not taken it off at all^ The colour really pops with the neutral trousers, and the silky style fabric of both really ties them together nicely. I liked adding a little black in the accessories and I think it works well to highlight the top in the look. Also had to add some gold, this necklace fills the neckline very nicely. Second up the GCDS Blue Blazer, which I think I need some more time with to figure out styling something with a little extra structure, but I went for matching textures again on this styling with this silky dress, the light colour works out well with the blue, and then I added even more blue for the accessories - I think these shoes are pretty cute in the styling^ Not my favourite look but not too bad. And lastly the GCDS Mini Bag which was so easy to style, it will look great in so many ways for sure. The golden hue of this dress is perfect for the bag, and I kept the rest of the additions simple, the white blazer keeps a smart look, and the accessories are minimal, again this necklace worked perfectly for the styling, love this look a lot!
Features And for the features, first up is millaxx styling the GCDS Blue Denim Pants in this cool Spring styling, it looks great^ I don't like these shorts for me, but they sure look good on others! They look super sweet with this casual oversized white tee and I love the blazer in the styling. Also loving the snake print mules, they really add an edge to the look =)
And then we have MissDollyTiara wearing both the GCDS BabyBlue Heels and the GCDS Blue Blazer which I love in this dark styling in contrast to the light colours I paired the blue with. The sheen really pops against the matte of the jeans and top, I think these jeans look fantastic here, the light stitching looks great. Also loving the blue glasses added^
And lastly for this post, Jacquemus styling up the GCDS V Neck Blouse and I love this outfit so much! The piece looks great as a layer with the white shirt beneath, the two styles complement each other incredibly well. And the colour looks fab with this leopard print skirt, it's a combination I will definitely be trying out in the future. Accessories look great too, the red bag is the perfect stand-out piece!

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