Sunday, 22 March 2020

Round 2 | W E A R D E M J E W E L S C H A L L E N G E # 3

Another Sunday - I hope everyone is keeping well - and time for the 3rd piece of this round of the Wear Dem Jewels Challenge! This week I've picked the Dior Tribute Tribales Pearl Earrings, which I've had since their release and know for a fact that I have never worn even once. It's super bad because they're such a pretty piece of jewellery. I'm not sure I've seen many others wear these either, but actually I think they were maybe a little discreet in the Plaza because when I was looking back to link the collection, I had a hard time finding which it was! But I'm styling them now, better late than never, right? I really loved putting together these looks, turns out styling pearl earrings is fun which is a good thing as I have quite a few other pairs to wear too. First up I tried to be a little casual, but I think it's worked out very much not casual other than denim is involved, I love these pearl embellished jeans so much and they work out very nicely against a pearl earring. I kept the rest of the look light, and I love the combination of this oversized shirt with the bow neckline with the bow-detailed shoes. A simple white bag and sunglasses completed the look and I think it's a perfect Spring styling, the earrings really pop against the brunette hairstyle and the white shirt. For my second look I went a little fancier - I've been trying to get this dress included in a styling for quite a long time and I've finally done it^ Ok, so it's not exactly styled much, there are just accessories added, but I think this classic style of piece, especially with its silver trim, is perfect to pair with pearl earrings! The shoes, bag and sunglasses all have a more pearlescent vibe to them rather than just being white or silver pieces and for me that totally makes it a spot on style. I'm so glad I finally got to wear the dress, for sure this will be my constant look this week on my doll =) Makeup-wise I've gone with greys and lilacs, I'm not sure why but these are the colours I always think of when thinking of pearls. I added a chunkier mascara this time which gives a little more of a retro vibe, I think somewhere subconsciously I was thinking of the Chanel dress and wanted to make sure the makeup was perfect to go with it, haha!

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