Sunday, 29 March 2020

Round 2 | W E A R D E M J E W E L S C H A L L E N G E # 4

Onto the fourth piece of jewellery this weekend for the Wear Dem Jewels Challenge - this time I thought I would choose something super fun and different, the HotBuys Faux Mink Hoop Earrings from It Girls which came out a couple of years ago. They're a piece I've only worn once since their release, but actually they've made some nice looks and are totally worth a chance!
I love this shade of green a lot, but there's not a lot of pieces which match to it exactly, so I've kind of put them all into the first style, haha^ These Gucci trousers are fabulous with these earrings, and they're a smart style so I kept that with the overcoat and the shirt, I think it helps not bring too much attention to them and keep it more spread to include the earrings too. Kept with the green in the matching square-toe heels, and the Dior bag, I love this and it works well with the black and white pieces too. For the second look I was a little more experimental, and limited the green added and I quite like it. It's a lighter style, I really liked the colour of this blazer against the green, I think the two complement each other very nicely. Stuck with white clothing for the base to keep it simple, as I did with the bag too. Then I thought these were a great boot to tie the colours together with the mixed yellow and green colours. It's something quite different, and I'm sure won't be to everyone's tastes, but I think it works out well for me =) The makeup is maybe a little simple, but I had fun layering some different shades, a white base with a little grey and some green on top - it came out quite fresh really^

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