Monday, 2 March 2020

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Fallen Angel isn't one of my go-to brands at all, but I will always check out new releases just in case something looks good - this release hasn't been so popular, I've not seen many stylings with the pieces and overall it's not a collection I'm a fan of. But I did find one cool feature that I just had to share, RiManiKordenty styling the Green Tie Blouse and making it look super cool! It's a perfect colour match for these trousers, I totally love that, it makes them seem a little more wearable^ The subtle stripe on the shirt really looks great and pops in the all-green look. Love the green glasses to match and the white accessories really pop with a retro feeling =)
I just picked up one piece, the Feather Diamond Heels and aren't these just fabulous?! I think I will be able to pull these out for quite a number of different looks and they will work well in a lot of different styles. First up I knew I wanted to get them with a dress, and this sort of 'Stardoll Vintage' one is an amazing fit for the colour, love the mix of purples and blues and I think the fun of the pattern works with the fun feathering of the shoes. It works well for me like this because there's no ankle strap on the shoes too, which help to elongate the legs. I'm not so happy with my jacket and bag - I just had nothing that worked how I was imagining the outfit to look, so I'm on the hunt for something better, if you have any ideas please share! And for the second look a little more casual styling, love these sheeny trousers with the shoes soooo much^ The navy overcoat is a good way to darken the look but the open style doesn't take away from the colour - which is also added with this bag, it's a perfect fit here! For sure this is my favourite outfit of the two, it's a great look for Winter-Spring transition style =D

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