Wednesday, 7 February 2018

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Brand new Young Hollywood last week - it's really not been long since our last release of it either^ This was just the mini-store window release and not a whole floor, but it sure did contain quite a few items to be had! I really liked the selection of pieces, I think they fitted really nicely together and I'm quite happy to have some of these items in my wardrobe! So first up the features - you guys really have been loving this release! France25 wears the Naeem Khan Inspired Pants in this styling, what worried me about them was the square-ish-ness of the print, but this outfit really doesn't show that because of the amazing layering of all of the furry pieces on the top half - it looks amazing! The colours are absolutely perfect for the trousers, and I love the use of the blue Fendi bag there, it's the perfect addition =D
Next up is jjgangstevenjj wearing the Balmain Inspired Checked Blazer, again with some layering which is quite the feat as this is quite a snug fitting piece - the white shirt looks great under it, and I like the long sleeves. The printed Gucci skirt is a fantastic pairing, it's not a typical first choice but it's the eye-catching one that makes you look twice! Plus loving the yellow bag, that little touch of the colour is great =)
And finally ManiakPupili wearing the Balmain Inspired Checked Pants - which look great with this overcoat and still stand out despite being partially covered. I like the femininity that the lace shirt and the flower and the jewels all add to the outfit. The dark makeup and the chunky boots really ground the look again, I think it's a fantastic combination^
And then my stylings, which I really tried to step out of my 'typical stylings' box for, and I'm not sure I love the outcome just quite yet! Firstly the Balmain Inspired Checked Pants, which I really like with the brown boots and also the belt, but I felt the need to add a coat and this was the only one which kinda worked with the rest of the look, but I shouldn't have added it, I think the coat makes it look too dark and it's not working out quite right - lesson learned! Then I also bought the Fendi Baguette Inspired Handbag, which I think is a pretty cool piece, I really like the designing to it. I liked playing with the greys in the design, adding this skirt and blazer, but I don't think they're quite right for the bag - I do however love this bag with a skirt, because I think it works well with the tights and the boots, so that's something for me to work on next time with this bag =D

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