Saturday, 10 February 2018

Blue Period

I'm still really stuck on this cerulean blue. It's such a WAKE UP shade, even if this is a darker take than my last look.

As a makeup shade it's perhaps a bit taboo and with the plastic-y accents it could read a little cheap. Like 80's futuristic cheap. That said, I think the volume of the trousers and coat, an edgy hair cut and soft seafoam green accents make for a more opulent overall effect.

Ingredients / You Will Need
Oversized Coat | Saint Laurent Paris Tribute
Vintage Print Silk Blazer | Bonjour Bizou
Seafoam Jewelled Jacket | Callie's Picks 
Bell Bottom Denim | Callie's Picks 
Mint Glass Earrings | Couture Tibute
The Knot Belt | It Girls 
Christian Loubutin Inspired Harler | Tributes Gallery
Electric Blue Eye Makeup | Splendid

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