Sunday, 11 February 2018

# M Y S U I T E S U N D A Y

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A couple of weeks ago I posted the first half of one of my Millionaire Mansion rooms, and here is the rest of the space! I kept the same dark floorboards, however while the first half was light, I've gone with a dark navy wall, which I'm really loving! I ended up buying a couple of sofa's to try out in this space, and in the end the pink won out, with a great match to this coffee table! I love this little seating area I've added with the pink seat and the comfy-looking beige sofa opposite, and made work with gold accenting which works very nicely with the legs of the chair. I like this statement art-piece on the wall, but so far I am at a bit of a loss with how to fill the rest of the wall without making the room look too busy - maybe one of you guys has a good suggestion? =D

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