Monday, 19 February 2018

1 Piece 1 Week | Pink Long Crepe Coat

Our second month of this new segment, 1 piece 1 week, and this month 6 stylings of my current favourite piece, the Pretty 'N Love Pink Long Crepe Coat - like I mean seriously, it's been in so many stylings in 2018 already! It's such a winner of a piece and such an easy one to style in many ways and look great in each one! Just this month alone, it was in the Wearing and Plaza Picks posts =)
Relaxed shapes, cool casual
I'm a fiend for wearing this coat in smart stylings so I wanted to show that it works in a casual way as well and took a focus of pairing it with trainers for these two stylings! I think it works pretty well with a good range of trainers, and the length of the coat definitely helps with that.
1 | Love the ivory tones of these jeans with the pink and that really brought these pieces together for the look - it all fits nicely and I love these trainers with the coat! Plus the sweater shape, it definitely holds some attention^
2 | I wanted something a little glam, and you can't get any more than silver sequin trainers! The grey with the pink is new for me so I'm not sure how much I love it yet, but I do love the pink with the silver of the shoes and the bag, that's a cute combination =)
 Dressing up in the dresses
This coat makes great for dressing up and looks fab with skirts and dresses, which I've worn a lot before! It's easy to get colour and style matches with dresses, I feel like you can work with casual pieces or dressed styles which is what I've gone with for these looks!
3 | These dusty pink tones look great with the coat, I love the loose shape of the wrap dress, the belting and the top half look great shown off by the open style of the coat. These rose gold accessories are perfect =)
4 | I think I wore this floral piece with the coat back in my Off-White Stylings, I even wore it with these violet heels, but it's just a perfect combination in my eyes! I added a navy polo to make it a little more wintery, but it's essentially still the same great styling!
Making a focus on colour contrasting accessories
Accessories can be an easy fit for a piece, and this pink coat has so many options available and going with valentine's tones is perfect for this month and the contrast in tones really makes the look pop off the page =)
5 | The smarter of the two looks, this jazzy clutch really adds a designer touch to the outfit. Love the dusty pink trousers, their style is great with the coat and the fitted shirt adds a smart vibe. I love these velvety mules, it's a great texture fit^
6 | And of course my favourite white jeans, these couldn't be forgotten when they look so good with the coat! I went all out with the rest of the red in the styling and I think it works, the deeper colour of the polo is a good fit with the coat and the accessories just fit seamlessly to the overall feeling of the look!

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