Wednesday, 28 February 2018

F E B R U A R Y 2018 | Hotbuys Review

It's that time now to look back at the February Hotbuys! I had a great time doing this for January and was super excited to get started with February as I think this bunch of HB's look awesome =D Some great styles, a lot of really current ones that are popular in the real world and that I think will go down pretty well in the Plaza too^ There's a loose Valentine's theme, but it's not overpowering the collection so you can either take that or leave it, which will suit a lot of people =)

Tweed Cap - I did think this hat would be ok, I like how it looks on the model in the advert, but sadly it doesn't even look half as good on my doll! I actually wasn't so impressed with the quality either, I think the printing on the shape is looking a little primitive and not like other current designs. I don't mind the chain on the piece, but when you look closely it doesn't really look like it fits the piece very well. A little disappointed as these styles of hat are super popular right now =/ Pretty 'N Love 15SD's
Marni Bucket Bag - I am so in love with this bag, it's such an adorable piece!!! I love the muted tones used, and that pink is perfection. The round handle is fantastic and perfectly on trend right now, and the size of the overall piece is just right for it and for putting into stylings, very impressed with this piece =D RIO 22SD's
Monse Inspired Checked Pants - I absolutely love these trousers! From the spoilers I thought they would work out quite nicely for me, but as soon as I tried them on that was it and I knew I had to have them =) The check pattern is very popular right now, and the red additions make them a funky piece that stand out really nicely, I think these will do pretty well, I for sure will be making good use of them =D It Girls 23SD's
OdLR Inspired T-Shirt - I think this is just the cutest tee! I love the basic style and cut to the piece, it looks great on and has a perfect vibe to it, the heart is the sweetest, and it's also positioned well that you could cover it if you wanted. I think it looks great on the doll, and also seems very versatile - there's not much that can go wrong with a white tee like this^ Bizou 16SD's
Marni Inspired Pearl Earrings - A very sweet but stylish pair of dangly earrings with this HB, which you get individually, so you can have the choice to wear one or a pair, I know I'll be leaning towards wearing both^ I like the colours on these, the navy is super pretty and works really nicely with the red, it's a nice change to being black and red, so I think I will like making use of them. I've seen quite a few dolls style these already, and so far they only look amazing! Bizou 13SD's
MCQ Inspired Lace Top - This set was definitely one I wasn't sure about from the advertising, a bustier/bralette piece is just something that's not me. And so while this has a nice design, and I like the sheer panel with the lace, it's a piece I know I won't wear so for me I'll be leaving this one! Fallen Angel 18SD's
MCQ Inspired Lace Skirt - The skirt fares much better than the top, I think this is a cute piece and has a nice style, it's a pretty neutral one so will work for most styles! I like the knee-length slip inside, so there's plenty of coverage, as well as showing off the lace detail on the bottom half of the skirt. The fit is really nice on the doll, and I think it looks better on my doll than I thought it would =) Fallen Angel 22SD's
Ruched Satin Mules - These are just the sweetest mules everrrrrrrr =D I adore the dusted pink colour of them, it's unlike anything I have, as is the style, it's so unique and stand out! The ruching detail is cute and the bow is sweet. I like the darker pink heel to the shoe, and the overall mule style works well and is popular, can't wait to style these up =D Pretty 'N Love 16SD's
Prada Inspired Denim Jacket - I am really super tempted by this jacket! It's such a great twist on a classic denim piece that can be a staple in many wardrobes and the huge furry addition really makes heads turn^ The design is nice, a cropped fit and rolled sleeves which I think work really well, the denim is light washed which makes the furry collar stand out. I can't help but wonder what it would look like if the denim was in a black wash though, maybe a little more fitting in with my style - at least I have some time to think about this one! It Girls 26SD's
Cult Gaia Inspired Bag - I love the Cult Gaia brand, and I'm so glad to see it brought to Stardoll, they could have made the whole month of HBs different bags and I would have been pleased! This isn't the traditional bag that the brand is well known for, but it's a current rising star and I think it looks awesome! The design on Stardoll has been done well and the size is just right, I'm completely stoked to wear this^ Fallen Angel 25SD's

Love this styling of the Tweed Cap from leiona_- - I think it both fits in with the vibe and also stands out so you definitely don't miss it! I like the combination of the tweed with the checks of the trousers and the shoes, the shoes are a perfect colour match for the hat and I really like the two together. The black coats used give a great base for the outfit and really lets the key pieces and trends stand out =)
Our second feature uses the Monse Inspired Checked Pants and is from RegalDellia - this is a great outfit! I love the style of the tee with the half tuck in these trousers, it really works well for them and the colour of the lettering really pops with the stripe on the trousers and the earrings which are a fantastic addition =D
And out final feature, jjgangstevenjj wearing the Marni Inspired Pearl Earrings in this boss-lady-esque styling! I think this is such a mature look and I love it, the pinstripes on the skirt are great with the sparkling blouse, and the fur is such an extravagance. The earrings are fitting in well with the inclusion of some great red accessories like these boots and this matching bag, such a great job =)

I really wanted to squeeze in all the pieces I bought, so these 3 looks have 6 of this months HB's in them! I think they work nicely together as a set these HBs and I'm really pleased with them and the ones I decided to purchase. First up are the Ruched Satin Mules and the Marni Bucket Bag, love the dusty pink tones to them both, I think they're a good pair. My favourite pink trousers came out again for this look, they really are just the perfect tone for this pair of HBs! I stayed neutral on the coat and top, and I think it works out well for the HBs letting them stand out^ Something a little more bold in my second look, featuring the Marni Inspired Pearl Earrings and Monse Inspired Checked Pants together paired by their use of red. This was such an easy look to come up with and I think it gives good vibes to these trousers so they'll be easy to style in the future too! I don't mind the navy in the earrings with the black and white check of the trousers, I think it works out and I like this bag in there too =) And the final look, a little casual grunge using the OdLR Inspired T-Shirt and the Cult Gaia Inspired Bag - one thing I did find challenging was choosing a jacket or coat that didn't cover up the heart detailing on the tee because it's what I want to show off, so I do think this tee will be better in summer than right now, but I look forward to wearing it then because I love it with these jeans! The black trim on the heart applique gave way for the bag well, and I think the biker leather jacket is a good fit for both pieces to finish off the look =D

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