Monday, 26 February 2018

W I N D O W S O N T H E W O R L D | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

In honour of the Winter Olympics, our newest release was a South Korean special in the Windows On The World Store which I think is a great idea to bring to light some styles and designs which have originated in this Asian country =)
There's a good mix of pieces with a range of colours. Textures are quite themed on silky and sheeny materials with some very current styles and designs followed. While I don't feel like the store needs a review I think it's still good to document this release and show off some of the great stylings which have come from these pieces - I think there will be at least a few popular pieces coming from this release!
First up are a couple of features, this one is Marta-43 who is doing great with the recent releases, an this time styles up the Korean Shirt Man in a super stylish and sleek way! The shirt looks versatile in style and colour, and I think it looks so smart in this outfit paired with neat trousers and firm white shirts underneath it. The sock-shoe booties are a fab touch, and I love the accessories of the chain and sunglasses around the neck, they add to the shirt really nicely =)
And our second feature is France25 wearing the Jacket Buttoned Woman, which I've now seen quite a few people wear so it seems a popular choice. The black tone makes it a pretty easy one to fit into a lot of styles, and I love the minimal one chosen here with all the white but also the feminine touch added with the pink bag - the silver chain of it goes greatly with the details on the jacket! I think it looks great worn under the jeans, it works well and doesn't look odd, so this definitely adds a versatility to it. While I think it will be a good layering piece, you really do wanna show off those sleeves!
So far, I've just bought one piece from this release, the one which stood out to me immediately, the Multicoloured Dress Woman which I think it just a stunning piece and I'm so pleased it's been included in the collection! It's gonna look great in the summer too, but for now I've gone with layering of black base pieces and I think it works out alright for the dress with the green and blue panels standing out nicely. I've highlighted them by accessorising with this green neck-tie and making use of this Chanel blue tweed bag, which I think is a surprise choice from me, but I think it's ok?! Who knows, the colours work nicely so I think it's a success!

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