Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Red Alert

I think I may have hit peak obvious-street-style with this look. It checks so many of the boxes so straightforwardly (bright red, check print on a sports cut, white trainers, shirt tails) that I'm actually kind of mad at it. 
Not that it's stopping me from posting it here - I'm trying to cleanse all that blue out of my system!

The masses of hair and pearly nerd glasses are an attempt at something a little more unexpected, but also to help to even out proportions. When I'm styling a broad shoulder, I like to balance it with big hair so your head doesn't get lost, and the glasses help to draw focus back to the facial feature. I accidentally created these glasses over Christmas and have been waiting for the right moment to feature them again. When you're stuck for ideas it really does pay to start dragging things out of your wardrobe and throwing them on, just to see what sticks.
While these Fendi glasses have long since left the Starplaza (not that they are a requirement), the pearly accents are earrings that are still available at Voile for a nifty 160sd! Now that's versatility for a sweet price. 

Ingredients / You Will Need
Vetements Inspired Red Sweatshirt | Mr.
Checked Out Shirt Sweater | Antidote
HotBuys Monse Inspired Check Pants | It Girls
PPQ AW13 Black Gabriel Bag | PPQ of Mayfair
HotBuys McQueen Inspired Sneakers | Original Future
Fendi Inspired Lunettes | Fendi Tribute 
Double Pearl Earrings | Voile

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