Sunday, 4 February 2018

R I O | Release Review

Last week brought us a brand new RIO release, which we've not had for a little while in the Plaza - for me these can be quite hit or miss, so it's always interesting to see how it turns out! The homepage add looks pretty summery in the styles and printing and with the palm tree in the background =)
Highlights The release was just over one floor, so a little larger than normal - in addition to the floor shown above, there are several pieces over on the next floor too although I don't feel they fit in so well with the overall theme of the release.
Accessories Have to say, I'm not hugely enamoured by the accessories and I found them easy to skip over with this release. There are two matching pairs of shoes, the D&G Inspired Pink and Silver Platforms - they're a reasonable design, but for me they're not one that stands out, and I don't feel like I'm missing them in my wardrobe. Then the D&G is continued in two floral pieces, the Dolce Choker Necklace and Dolce Rose Earring, both pieces which look sweet but are ones I know I wouldn't wear. And lastly a bag, the RIO Glitter Crossbody, which is again a piece I don't feel like I'm missing - yes the colour is nice, and I like a crossbody bag, but there's nothing to be fussed about with this piece I think.
Clothing Luckily the clothing of this release is much more impressive! There's a lot of co-ords and the same design in multiple colours and matching etc. so I feel like this section might be a little all over the place!
     Co-ords This section is an easy one, and one that I love, because the co-ordinating pieces are pretty cool in this release! Both of the sets are identical apart from in colour, so we have bright yellow in the Sunny Peplum Top and Culottes with the matching nautical Striped Peplum Top and Culottes - I'm a huge culotte fan, so these immediately stood out to me and I knew I would buy them! Both the top and bottoms look great on the doll, they have a flattering fit and as well as working as a set, they will work well individually in looks too, which I definitely like as I know I'll get good wear from the culottes. I should also mention the swimwear in this section, even though it's not something I look to buy, these are quite pieces, the pink Pineapple Bikini Top and Bottoms and Citrus Yellow Bikini Top and Bottoms - they are pretty minimal but have a nice look on the doll =)
     Pairs This means the same item in a different colour or print, and there's quite a few available in this release. Yellow, prints, and purple feature heavily here, and actually this covers the rest of the pieces in the store! There are two dress/jumpsuit designs to choose from, and for me it's the Violet or Citrus Wrap Dress design which really stands out to me, I like the wrap style, it has a nice cut and I also like the draping and frilling details. I definitely prefer the Citrus colour over the Violet though! If jumpsuits are more your thing, then you've got the Polka Dot, Black or Violet Jumpsuits to choose from, I don't mind jumpsuits, but I don't think this one is necessarily the most flattering one to go with. The trousers are definitely my favourites, and I ended up buying both pairs, the Polka Dot and Palm Tree Pants! These are great trousers, and a great piece for summer with a loose fit and a fun print, the colours are great and are very eye-catching =) And there are quite a few paired tops to choose from as well, the White or Pineapple Criss Cross Bardot Top, the White or Tropical Front Lace Top, and the Ultra Violet or Tropical Halter. Now I don't find any of these hugely appealing to fit into my current style, I think the Halter pieces are too long, and the Front Lace pieces just aren't something I would wear. I have bought the White Criss Cross Bardot Top which I think will look quite nice in the summer, but for me that's the only versatile piece in the selection of tops.
Prices This collection ranged from 9 to 18SD's, so a pretty reasonable price range for the pieces, and there are items in SC's too. And nothing is SS or Royalty only either =)
Styled Outfits I felt like I bought quite a few pieces from this release, which is quite unusual for me from RIO, but I had a good time putting together these summer-based looks with the collection. First up the Polka Dot Pants looking very yellow with the addition of this jacket, which happens to be a perfect match^ The white top and accessories were an easy pick because of the dot colour on the trousers - super simple, but it works! More yellow in the second look with the Sunny Peplum Top and Culottes. I'm a struggler when it comes to not wearing sleeves, and this woollen cardigan piece was the absolute best fit and I adore using it^ The colours are a great match for the pieces, and I also loved making use of my new sandals from January's Hotbuys! And finally the Striped Culottes without their partner^ For me these are so versatile because I have countless white shirts that will look good with them, like this one with adorable frill details^ I stuck with white for some tights and boots, a combination I love working with right now, and also the belt. Going a little different with the denim-based bag, I quite like it as it has white pearls to fit the look and also adds a slight contrast with the darker straps on it - I love it!
Features I think people have been having fun working with these summer pieces in winter! First up belindaSempre wearing the Citrus Wrap Dress accessorised to a T! I love this belt added to it, it gives a great image of shape and the black contrast really catches your eye. It allows for great use of gold and black accessories, and I think everything has been chosen really nicely, I particularly love these great earrings =D
Next up millaxx wearing the cutest co-ord in the Striped Peplum Top and Culottes, I love the simplicity in the styling, because that is also an eye-catching feature! I think the perspex heels are a perfect addition to avoid stealing the light from the clothing, and I'm loving the intricate chain necklace, it's the perfect addition^
And lastly serving up 4 fab stylings is pandaribbon! I think this set has just been so creative with the pieces on offer, it's great =D I'm particularly loving the use of the denim jackets with both the Palm Tree Pants and the Citrus Wrap Dress, and also the use of the black denim with the Striped Culottes, it's super contrasting and with the orange it really makes you stop and check it out!

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