Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Acid Bright

I was starting to get a bit neutral again so I dug out some colour - partly inspired by the gorgeous look by frankieiz12 featured last week's round up of January Hotbuys, partly throwback to one of my favourite looks that I styled a good while ago, but never posted here for some reason?

This colour combo is just so punchy and added bonus - I finally have found a way to style this Fendi bag! I love it, but every time I've put it on, it just looks a bit...off. All those straps and the bright colour can be overpowering. Styling it on a dress of a similar shade helps to focus on the interesting shape and it almost seems like an organic part of the dress rather than an addition. 

I've also gone back to my usual crop to show it all off. What can I say, I'm a blonde at heart... 

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Cross body Fendi Bag | Fendi Tribute
Lime Rhinestone Necklace | Riviera
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