Saturday, 24 February 2018

Pointed Purple

(Or alternatively, these boots are absolutely not made for walking)

The weather in the UK is about to get much colder than usual, so I'm layering up in preparation for the big freeze. If the scarf isn't enough, I'll just wrap my hair around too...

This is actually quite a safe look for me seeing as my comfort zone is definitely greyscale, but I'm changing it up just a tad with these pops of zingy purple and deep red. The grey coat, which is like our 'midtone' of the look overall, as a blue undertone (my favourite!) so, I've tried to reflect that in the purple and red as well. It's the easiest way to make a colour palette work if you're not sure. 

Also the boots inject some high drama to this masculine design, mostly because they are so impractical for poor weather. That said, they're probably the same shade as my poor cold toes so...at least they're relevant?

Ingredients / You Will Need
Double Button Coat | It Girls
Grey Knit Turtleneck | Apres Ski
Graphic Oversized Scarf | Original Future
Yamamoto Vintage Inspired Skirt | Window on the World
Pop the Colour Cropped White Shirt | Inspired by Off-White Tribute
Striped Tweed Pants | Inspired by Marc Jacobs Tribute
Like a Sock Thigh Highs | Velvet Orchid
Celine Inspired Classic Crossbody | Tributes Gallery
HotBuys Marni Inspired Pearl Earring | Bonjour Bizou 
Florist Flower Twig 4 | 9 to 5


  1. I love so much this outfit ! Go to the shop for this purple boots ♥

    1. Thank you! The boots do all the hard work for me in this look ;) I hope you enjoy styling them!