Sunday, 25 February 2018

V I N Y L | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

Last week brought us a brand new collection of VINYL, a small store with a hispter vibe that usually has a couple of great pieces that work well for a lot of people! It's got 5 looks, including one for the guys and this release seems to have a mix of some basic pieces along with a couple of eye-catching styles for you to pick up!

I decided not to do a review as it's pretty small, but I for one love the peacock-styled printing that's available in co-ord form front and centre in the store! The accessories are also pretty stand-out in this release I think with some fabulous shoes on offer and a couple of cute bags to choose from =D
As usual with styling posts, first up the features - I haven't seen too many people wearing these pieces, but there's a couple that really stood out to me, firstly Marta-43 (who always looks pretty good^) wearing the Jacket and Trousers Woman, really creative names there I see^ Anyway, the pieces look awesome! The black base from the polo, boots and gloves really makes the white on the peacock-print pop right out from the screen and highlights the mottled-ness to the teal colouring, I think it looks amazing and the accessories and additions are perfect for the look =D
Next up is the_chuba wearing the Skinny Jeans Woman, a neat pair of black high waisted skinnies with a stepped hem - and the best part being they're in SC's! I love this outfit, and the jeans make a great base piece even with their detailed hem. The jacket and accessories really pop against the black and the splashes of colour do stand out. I love these platform trainers with the jeans, I think the style works really nicely with them =)
And finally my stylings from the collection, working with two of the pieces, first up the Skinny Jeans Woman because, really, how could anyone pass these up?! I felt like they were almost too versatile when I was putting together a look as so many different pieces work well with them - in the end I went with something a little smart with this blazer and choosing pointed mules and a clutch to accessorise. There really are so many options and I look forward to seeing this jean style become a staple for us throughout this year! And secondly the Denim Shirt Woman which I thought I'd try out because I loved the mix of denim shades used in the piece - and I think I really quite like it in this look. I'm a serial tucker-in-of-shirts, and I was tempted this time, but decided to leave it untucked as it really does style nicely this way. I was tempted by an all-denim look, but it's quite a lot with the duo denim of the shirt so I decided to go with my favourite white combination of jeans and blazer and accessorised with my favourite blue boots (which look great with this shirt I think!) and this blue Fendi bag which looks awesome and stands out nicely without taking anything away from the shirt =)

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  1. Marta's style is really amazing. I love that green & black mix. Other looks are good too, but I think it could be better.