Sunday, 18 February 2018

S U B C O U T U R E | Release Review

We got a little warning at the end of the week letting us know it was time for our next SubCouture collection! It's been a little over two months since our last release and on the most part, I enjoy these releases and always find something special, so I was excited to see what this new collection had in store for us =D The homepage advert certainly maintains the mystery of the release, I'm not sure if I like this or not!
Highlights The collection is about the usual size, with two floors of pieces to choose from and a male outfit included as well. I love the interior of the store, it looks cool and current and the lightness really catches my attention and draws my eyes to the pieces.
Accessories The release seems quite light on the accessories front, but that's probably because I keep forgetting about the sunglasses! There are two pairs on offer, the Mellow Yellow Glasses and I See Pastel Pink Shades - I'm not sure how I feel about them, I don't think the pink/blue combination looks too good on my doll, the yellow pair do look good, but are fairly similar to a pair from our recent Dior collection, so if you missed out on those, these could be a good alternative! There are also two pairs of shoes, both of which are pretty nice, the Prada Inspired Zig Zag Platforms which look similar to a Sonia Rykiel pair that I have from many years ago, although that didn't stop me buying them! And then the Studded Rose Gold Heels, which are strapped and in a beautiful colour - I'm just not sure yet if I would get the wear out of them, so I haven't bought them yet, but there's still time left to purchase! And there are also two bags, the Sequin Fanny Pack, which follows the recent trends, but I think it's been made with a little less effort than some other pieces, and also the Anya Hindmarch Inspired Handbag, which I think just looks like the coolest piece! It's the first piece from the store that really caught my attention and the quirkiness really makes it memorable =)
Clothing A current mix is the only term I can use to describe the clothing on offer in the store. It's a right variety of pieces with a lot to choose from in terms of colour and style, but the use of glitter and sparkle definitely stands out! There are a huge proportion of dresses, 7 in total in the release and they really are varied, which is great. None of them are all that bad, but I do have a couple of favourites, especially the glittery pieces, so the Cotton Candy Glitter Dress in a feminine pink with pretty draping and fitting on the doll, and also the Cobalt Sequin Dress which is super sultry and looks absolutely amazing. The Discoball Mini Dress also fits in this sparkly category, and I do quite like this piece, but I find the fit around the chest looks a little large, maybe it's just me, but I'm not sure about it - again, I've still got some time to decide, but I think this will look good layered with a black polo. And then I like the two smart-casual options available, the Denim Jacket Dress, which looks cosy and loosely fitted. The length is nice and I like the little shape added with the belt. And then the Scalloped Shirt Dress, which might win the spot as my favourite piece of the collection - it's a smart style but the relaxed fit gives its casual vibe. I love the detailing on the top half and sleeves, and it seems pretty versatile, I'm excited to work with this one! The other glitter of the collection are the Hello Frill Pants which I think look great, but I think I'm also not cool enough to pull them off! I've not seen anyone take these on yet, but I look forward to seeing what people do with them =) There is one co-ord set, the MGSM Inspired Double Breasted Jacket and Tailored Shorts, I love the colour and design of the set, but I'd love it more if the shorts were trousers, I don't do well with shorts at all, so this time I've just gone with the Jacket and I'm loving it! And lastly a couple of tops to mention, very different, the Denim Bustier T-Shirt which I didn't think I liked at first, but I tried it on this morning and I'm a little tempted, it's not my usual style with the layering and bustier, but it might work out quite nicely. Then the Bardot Bird Sleeve Top, which is an extravagant piece and quite popular it seems! I like the colour and printing, and I think I'd wear it if it came with matching trousers or a midi skirt, but I'd need to do some thinking about what pieces to best style it with!
Prices The prices of this release range 11 to 42SD's, with just a couple of pieces being closer to the top end of the scale. Nothing is SS or Royalty only, and the only limit on the collection is the usual time-window and not by number of pieces of each item =)
Styled Outfits I loved putting these looks together and feeling very spring/summer in these stylings with their brighter colours =D First up is the Scalloped Shirt Dress with the Prada Inspired Zig Zag Platforms, which look great together and alone^ This long vest is a perfect fit for both pieces, I really like this look! Bringing out one of my favourite previous SubCouture bags as well with this look, I love the colours against the bright red and also the neutral white! My second look makes use of the Cotton Candy Glitter Dress, and I didn't mean to cover most of it when I started styling, but it just looked great like this too^ It works nicely as a skirt, and therefore it does have some versatility factor to it. Even though it's got lilac hints I think it goes well with these pinks to make a super girly styling! And finally the MGSM Inspired Double Breasted Jacket - I really can't choose a favourite amongst these looks because I love them all! I added some trousers, luckily these ones have a pretty good colour match to the jacket. I like the white base, which I think bring it to Spring over Summer. I think the green is perfect against the dark yellow, and I know this is a look I will definitely repeat!
Features And now your favourite part, the features! So many great looks popped up immediately from this release, these were just a few of the ones I found on Friday, there are so many more out there! First up Bay_watch11 wearing the Bardot Bird Sleeve Top and Mellow Yellow Glasses - these are cute together with the little yellow details on the top, and I think the blue denim with unique design really stands out with the top. I'm also loving the large folded bag, I think it's a great choice with the top, it fits well in colour and style =D
Next up EasyNala wearing the Denim Bustier T-Shirt and something about this styling really drew me in, I'm not sure what! I think it was the casual combination of the tuille skirting with the tee in the solid denim bustier. I love the use of the fishnet socks with these platforms, it's a great pairing and goes with the look well!
And thirdly, lyaila wearing again the Mellow Yellow Glasses (these have been popular!) and the Pearl Bikini Top which looks good as a bralette piece^ The black base is great to make the pearl design on the top stand out, and I think it looks good with the pops of colour in the sunglasses and with the bag slung across the body, it's a smart look with a slight casual twist^
And finally pandaribbon, who styled up 4 creative looks in record timing! I am particularly loving the Cobalt Sequin Dress layered with lilac and these pink sparkly tights, it looks amazing and really highlights the dress can be a wearable piece even with a high slit up the leg! Also loving the mix of prints in the first look using the Bardot Bird Sleeve Top - it may not suit everyone, but you can't deny that you wouldn't stop to look at that styling =D

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  1. Absolutely loving PandaRibbon's styling of the Subcouture pieces.I messed around with most of the pieces I bought and ended up disappointed with what I created. PandRibbon's creations look so effortless and uniquely styled. My favorite is the blue dress. Quite gorgeous.