Saturday, 3 February 2018

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This cap makes me feel like a Newsy, especially with these checked trousers...

Originally, I was making this post specifically about these Young Hollywood trousers, but as I was writing it up, I realised I'd accidentally styled a lot of Dior accessories together without meaning to? Clearly I was subconsciously channelling the close of the Dior Tribute. If you've still got pennies rolling around in your purse that are begging to be spent, you might want to go back and consider this gorgeous yellow bag, which I've sized down as a belt bag. The colour is a fabulous pop and would layer with other bags brilliantly.

Ingredients / You Will Need
Balmain Inspired Checked Pants | Young Hollywood
Pop the Collar Cropped White Shirt | Inspired by Off-White Tribute
Hot Buys Tweed Cap | Pretty 'n' Love
Drying Flowers Headband | Callie's Picks
Burgundy Skinny Belt | Bonjour Bizou
Dior Inspired Belt | Fallen Angel
Dior Inspired Lock Flap Bag | Dior Couture Tribute
Dior Inspired Heels | Fallen Angel
Gaga Inspired Black Chandelier Earring | Young Hollywood

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