Saturday, 17 February 2018

Check Please! (Again)

This is another styling that resulted from a happy accident! I really wanted to use this kimono style dress/top/jacket as it's been sat in my wardrobe since I bought it. I dragged these trousers out over the top  while looking for something else and voila! It really does pay to throw things around a bit.

I'm glad to revisit these trousers to be honest, because I was very excited to style them initially, then immediately deflated when I struggled to put together something I liked...

First instinct would be to style this in the reverse order (dress on top) but I think this adds more layering interest and I like the way the sleeves translate as hands-in-trouser pockets. Also, this kimono poses an interesting colour palette. I love grey, but I don't think I've ever paired it with this sage-y green and brown.

I'm using two old favourites here as well - a sequin turtleneck from the Bunnyhop gift-o-meter from a couple of years ago and the Limited Edition Fedora. I always go back to these two because they are easy to style pieces that insert a little drama and elevate an otherwise simple look. Trust me on this, Casual sequins and Mysterious-Hat-Face are style tricks worth keeping in your back pocket for sure!

Ingredients / You Will Need
Emilio Pucci Inspired Kimono | Windows on the World
Bunnyhop Sequin Vest | Bunnyhop Gift-o-Meter
Balmain Inspired Check Pants |Young Hollywood
LE Black Fedora Inspired by Saint Laurent | Limited Edition
Crossover Knot Belt | Apres Ski
McQueen Inspired Key Chain | Mr.
Leather and Skull Key Chain | Mr.
Chanel Chain Handbag | Inspired by Chanel Tribute
Burgundy Laced Knee Socks | Museum Mile
Nineties Platforms | Fallen Angel

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