Friday, 9 February 2018

H O T B U Y S R E V I S I T E D | February 2016

Taking 2 years back to the February 2016 Hotbuys today! Overall, I'd say these are/were quite disappointing Hotbuys - they don't have a wow-factor and nothing hugely stands out as amazing. I still have some of the pieces, and while I've used the Dior Inspired Sunglasses and the Neat Stripe Clutch a couple of times here and there, they've not been my favourite pieces from Hotbuys collections. So today I've decided to style up the Chunky Stripe Skirt and the Strapped Suede Booties, which look pretty similar to the Wrap Up Booties which I revisited last month!
While I didn't have too much trouble working with these pieces, I found myself seeing that they're not the best pieces to fit into my current style ideas and themes, so I think I'll probably be selling them in the Bazaar soon! I like midi skirts, but I think my problem with this striped one is that it's bodycon, and I think I have some underlying dislike of my doll in bodycon midi's! The brown was a little tricky to work with in terms of colours as it's a little off-shade from the other brown pieces I have, so it's not a perfect fit with this coat, but it's not too bad, I probably just wouldn't wear it again! The boots were pretty easy, but they really would only work with white trousers/jeans when I was styling them, the colour is just one I don't use often, but I love how well it matches to this little orange-toned bag, I really like that combination =D

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