Sunday, 27 December 2015

We Wear Hotbuys D E C E M B E R | Week 4

Wow, so it's been Christmas now, I can't believe it! Hope all of you had a good one too and are looking forward to New Years now =) So we've also now had another 7 Hotbuys for the calendar so lets take a look at them and some looks we've put together:
This week has seemed a little better than the last few, and I liked quite a few pieces on offer - doesn't necessarily mean I bought them! The dress at the start of the week is truly divine and angelic, it was too pretty for me to turn away. Lots of red after that, the dress is pretty, and I might purchase it later, but for me it seems a slightly less wearable piece for the price. I do quite like the checked pattern from the pieces after and I think they make some pretty good looks on the Guest Writers down below. But I do also think the week ended on a high with today's delicate collar, it's simple but with enough detail to make it stand out well in a look.
The prices ranged from 14 to 38SD's, with quite a few hefty price tags thrown in there. It does seem to be increasing as the weeks go on, and I don't necessarily think all the prices are right for the items. I do think if some prices were cheaper I would have bought more of the pieces this week.
So lots of looks to vote between with this week and we're all styling different pieces of the week, so it might be hard to choose a favourite. In terms of looks I think this might be my Guests' favourite week? Anyway, the poll:

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