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I N S P I R E D B Y S A I N T L A U R E N T | Tribute Review

Monday brought us a brand new Tribute, Inspired By Saint Laurent, which is set to be the last of these stores for this season! I think the homepage ad describes the store very well and is a very attractive look for the release, that marble draws me in completely and makes me wanna look at more, so lets go on and do that^
For me this collection has the same vibe that the past Saint Laurent collection had, I like this and like the ties it gives the releases. The style is very similar to the last release, although that's more down to the original designer and Saint Laurent than Stardoll itself^ Anyway, the collection has a heavy black and dark influence along with some pretty short skirts, but this all fits with Saint Laurent really.
I'm gonna get right in and start with the accessories. The collection is pretty shoe-intense. They're all black and heeled and there's strappy as well as boots. Personally I like the boots more, particularly the Black Chains Heels with their pointed toe. There's a selection of 4 bags, two red and two black with one being a Royalty only piece. I love the two red ones - the YSL Inspired Shoulder Bag and the YSL Inspired Velvet clutch, although I think the versatility is greater in the YSL Inspired Handbag. All 3 have the same 15SD pricetag. Also in accessories is a rather nice belt (YSL Inspired Thin Belt), however there is a lack of jewellery. I didn't notice this at first however a necklace or earrings may have been a nice addition.
In clothing, there is mostly skirt/dress pieces which have the typical style prints that I feel like I've come to expect from these collections, like the Zebra Sequin V Dress, the The Lipstick Dress and the Guitar Turtleneck Dress. The latter of the two which have shapes I love. There's also the Saint Laurent dresses which I feel like we know, that we have some familiarity with, like the Mini Strapped Flower Dress, the YSL Inspired Rock Dress and particularly the YSL Inspired Preppy Dress. Leather features a lot as it has with past Saint Laurent releases, there's dresses and jackets but I quite like the skirts, both the Higher Than High Waist Skirt and the Zipper Leather Skirt. Other than skirts and dresses, there's also one great pair of trousers, the YSL Inspired Suit Pants. For tops, there's the very nice Black White Off Shoulder Crop, something I need to come up with bottom halves to pair it with before I buy, and then the eye-catching Red Dot Crop Top. And there are quite a few outerwear pieces. The Dark Metallic Coat stood out immediately in this collection, it's got great texture and style and I can see it being styled in so many ways - I think it's my favourite piece of this collection. But what also stood out to me in the outerwear was the Patched YSL Inspired Jeans Coat. Now I'm not feeling a huge deal of versatility, but the shape is good and it's somehow catching my eye in a positive light. I haven't purchased it yet, but from the features below I think I could be buying it quite soon^ I'd love to hear your opinions on this piece!
Prices for this Tribute release range from 11 to 35SD's with really only a couple of items above the middle point of that. I actually found the majority of this release very well priced and I didn't find any prices put me off making purchases at all, so I was pretty pleased about that and would be happy to consider other items when I take another look at the store.
And my looks! I managed to keep my spending to a minimum and didn't end up buying all too much. I'm keeping the bags for my challenge post, but here are my clothing looks:
Firstly the Red Dot Crop Top, probably one of the most easily likeable pieces in the collection. It's pretty neutral with the lack of leathery/bikery feel, but it stands out nicely against other tops like it with the bright colour and the polka dots. Anyways I love it paired with black, it's an easy match although I think it could work well in other ways. I like it with both the skirt and trousers, but I'd like to see it work well with jeans too^
The Higher Than High Waist Skirt is definitely not in my usual category of clothing really. It's quite a lot on the leather front and quite short, so not really my usual style but I wanted to give it a bit of a go. I put together 3 looks and did think it was a little difficult to achieve 3 totally different styles - and without high boots in all 3^ Don't know if I have a favourite, but I do like seeing the bright pink of my second look.
And the final two pieces I purchased. The Dark Metallic Coat was a complete no brainer for me to buy. It was easy to style in this all black look, but I also look forward to styling it with lighter brighter colours. And then the YSL Inspired Suit Pants, and it was also super easy to style these in a black look too, and again I look forward to styling them in other ways too, but at this time an all-black look is perfect for their shape and style.
And lastly the features. Firstly two which are completely working the Patched YSL Inspired Jeans Coat to perfection in different styles. GMonster is the first in a denim-centric look with patched boyfriend jeans (LE) and the two suit each other well. Also loving the red hair, super crazy but super cool^
And secondly Miloshki, going for a much more minimalistic look with this Nelly Cowl Neck Dress, and I think the grey is a good match for the different denims of the coat. Love the high end accessorising with the Chanel Perfume Bottle Handbag

Next we have Amorosa....., styling the Zig Zag Leather Pants, something I could never style but they look so good here! They're great with the light airy blouse but I also love them with the heavier fur too, a great combination^
Now two looks with the Dark Metallic Coat, the first is bey22304 keeping it light with white trousers. What I loved was the belt decor, it looks so intricate and detailed over the heavy coat and the block colours of the top and trousers.
And then lacky_girl.., going for a look like me in all black but it has a totally different feel due to the shades. There's also same splashes of grey in there with the blazer and hat which really help make a difference to the coat.
A look which I'm rather fond of next from seleniu, styling the Mini Strapped Flower Dress. This solves the problem of it being pretty low cut at the chest and makes it look a much more respectable dress, something some people would look for. The additions and accessories are also great, a perfect new years eve look too I'd say!
A light and bright penultimate look from Cold_iceberg. styling the Off Shoulder Faux Fur. It didn't really appeal to me much, and this look is definitely in it's favour as it works incredibly well with white. Perfect accessorising with this outfit too^
And finally, something a little more minimal in this styling from missiwantitall using the High Slim Tassle Heels in an all black look featuring an old Saint Laurent blazer. I love that I know it's Saint Laurent without needing and frills or in-your-face pieces, it's great! And oh, one of her suite rooms has an adorable display of YSL/Saint Laurent bags, it's worth taking a look =D

So what did you guys think of this collection? A good one? And alllll the looks too?!? Let me know in comments =)

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