Tuesday, 22 December 2015

I N S P I R E D B Y C H A N E L | Tribute Review

Another week and another tribute, this time Chanel! We have had a lot of Chanel tribute releases in the past, so one this season wasn't too unexpected. The homepage ad looks so modern and 'hip', with Cara and Pharrell very much selling it, and the green looking surprisingly nice =D
We got two brand new floors of pieces in this release, which I think feel a little out-of-season in that (very wonderful) Interior with blue skies, but nevermind^ This release was mostly for the girls, but guys can get their hands on the pieces that the Pharrell Pal is styled with the Over Shoulder Chanel Coat a particularly good piece which could easily work for everyone!
So skirts and dresses hold the fort in this one, I love a good pair of trousers, but it in no way takes away from the collection in my opinion. I'll start with the skirts, which I really feel are strong in this collection, I'm not sure I can even pick out a favourite^ My first love was definitely the High Waist Flower Pleather Skirt, which feels unique within the collection and also within my wardrobe. And in contrasting materials, I also love the tweed-styled Chanel Chained Puffy Skirt with it's beautiful shaping. Lastly in contrast in terms of colour, the The Classic Pink Skirt is very pretty and it's light colour definitely makes it stand out. I haven't purchased it yet, but have seen some good outfits with it which may sway me! To go with the skirts is a selection of tops, sweaters and coats. I really liked the matching tweed Chanel Chained Sweater and it will look good with pieces other than the skirt too. Again, also liked the matching The Classic Pink Shirt, it totally doesn't feel 'Chanel' at all, and I love it's addition for that in this release. Another piece that doens't seem so 'Chanel' is the Beige Suede Crop Shirt, an incredibly versatile piece which I see being very popular^ The final piece in this category that very much surprised me was the Ruffles and Lace Body, I hadn't really taken notice of it in the spoilers but it caught my eye in the store and then again in some of the features below, so it's definitely a piece I'm now considering. And lastly in clothing, the dresses! Now so far I haven't purchased any of these, not sure why, but just haven't felt a need - although I'm sure I will before the store closes. I like the Chanel Oversize Knit Dress for it's casual feel and I think it could style in many ways very nicely. And I also like the Chanel Pretty Dress Suit for the classic and typical Chanel style that I know and love. It's not such a versatile piece, but I think it would be worth it all the same.
Now accessories, which there was a pretty good range of. There were a lot of shoes to choose from, with flats, heels and boots all available. I really liked the Chanel Two Toned Loafers in the spoilers, but when it came to trying them on I wasn't feeling them at all, which was a shame because they are very nice shoes. The Knee High Bow Heels were also a pair I loved in the spoilers, but we've had quite similar pieces released in the past, most recently the Hotbuys Bows Shoes, which really just have a few less bows. Now I have worn these a few times recently, so might upgrade to this Chanel version, but not right now. And also bags - I very much liked what was on offer here and ended up purchasing 3 of the 5 (one isn't shown in the store images above) - I'm not going to discuss these much here because I'll be styling them in my Bag It Up Challenge eventually, but the Chanel Tribute Handbag is a perfect classic Chanel piece and the Hot Red Chanel Purse is a modern classic piece which stands out with it's great colour!
Prices of this collection range from 16 to 35SD's. The accessories are all at the lower end of the scale, with most of the clothing in the middle it really is just a couple of individual items which cross the 30SD mark. If you choose well over the pieces you want to buy I don't think it necessarily has to be expensive for you - and with the bonus incentive of the Christmas Gift-O-Meter, you're probably more than likely to spend a tad more. I only bought 6 or 7 items, with 3 of them being bags and I found my total being somewhere in the region of 150-170SD's, which I don't see as that bad for a tribute release!
So my styled outfits from this collection. Firstly two looks with the High Waist Flower Pleather Skirt, which I styled in pretty wintery looks with mostly black. I liked the idea of this Fendi-inspired StarDesign sweater with the texture of the skirt and I think it's something I would wear again. And of course had to choose the MM Fashion Embellished Collar Top for my second look - I think it's perfection with both the skirt and the fur jacket. And how could I not style this skirt with some black boots^^
And secondly the 3 tops that I purchased, and I really seem to have gone pretty themed on the colours, that wasn't intentional! I had a lot of fun styling the Chanel Chained Sweater and could have featured ten looks with it, but in the end settled for a culotte-combination. I have to say the The Classic Pink Shirt look is my least favourite, I was pretty set on styling it with purple and I think that held back its potential, so this is one I'll be trying again. And finally the Beige Suede Crop Shirt in a styling I love with some white high waisted trousers and this SAP overcoat. I really like having put a simple gold chain necklace under the shirt as it helps fill the gape a little^ This is very much a combination I want to wear again soon =)
And lastly for the review - some features! Firstly Bottega, styling a very street-look with the Bubbly Chanel Sweater Jacket with some leather shorts. It's a look I totally wouldn't come up with but I think it looks great. Accessorising has been fab too with those boots and socks^
Next two different looks from GMonster. Totally inspired by this purple look featuring both the The Classic Pink Shirt and Skirt along with the Perfume Bottle Handbag (this is purple done right^). And secondly styling the Chanel Chained Sweater, along with the Chanel Tribute Handbag, in such a glamorous style with glittery pink aspects. I think that hair totally makes everything!
Next a look from one of our favourites, Mery.-, working the Over Shoulder Chanel Coat in a pretty masculine style. I love it paired with this green sweater, it's a combination that works so well for both pieces, and the rest of the look has also come together very nicely!
Another look with the Bubbly Chanel Sweater Jacket, this time from neudelya. It's got a street vibe as well, especially with the hair and hairband which I really like, and with those trainers. But I really like it paired down with denim, I think it works well for this piece^ In fact I liked the trainers so much, I went and purchased them from Original Future *here* =)
And finally two looks for the Ruffles and Lace Body - the first from SasenQQa and the second beteeva_yelena and both going for pretty different styles, which is great to show versatility in this piece. It looks awesome with both trousers and a dress, but both looks have stuck to similar pale colours for these so I think that might be the direction to head in with this piece. Either way, these looks are totally selling the item to me^

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