Saturday, 12 December 2015

Inspired By Balmain Styled Outfits

And now for my looks from the latest Balmain Tribute release! I ended up purchasing almost 10 pieces, and I might go back for more once we're given the 'last chance' warning^ So let's get on:
Firstly my looks with the very fabulous Kendall Thigh Highs! I tried to step out from my typical look with boots like these, but I know exactly which skirt I wanna pair them with next^ So my first look also features the Emerald Laced High Waist Skirt and I really wanted that colour to pop out so stuck with my usual black, but I think this oversized coat really helps with the sheer-issue of the skirt and I don't notice it quite so much. Also loved including this little clutch from Couture Tribute. My second look is pretty much an everyday style, because I wanted to make sure I included jeans with these boots and not just skirts! These Slashed Superstretch Jeggings from Nelly are a great fit for the boots, and the rest of the look fell into place from there. The sweater keeps it winter casual, while the jacket adds a more formal element =)
And now my looks with the tops - you can click to enlarge this one to full size =) I really didn't mean for these all to be so dark in colour, it wasn't until I was compiling the image that I really noticed. So my first look still needs a bit of work, because although I adore the combination of the See Through Knit with those velvet leggings, I need better accompanying pieces! I just didn't have anything that worked quite well so I had to settle for what I went with, maybe you guys have some suggestions? My second look features the Beaded Silk Blouse in a pretty predictable look from me with black trousers and this over the shoulder jacket! It may be predictable but it's a style which works, and I do look forward to pairing it with more adventurous pieces^ Thirdly I've featured the The X Knit Crop, which I don't think is an obvious choice for me to make, but I quite like it as something different for me to wear. But it easily slipped into a look with this skirt, so I think it fits my wardrobe quite nicely =) Lastly my look with the Kendall Balmain Blazer, which I am totally loving because I assumed only trousers would work, but bam, it works with a skirt too^^ This navy YSL one is perfect, and I kept the look a little rock chick (well rock chick for me!) with these boots. I think it's my favourite look of these 4!

So what do you guys think of this release and my looks? Let me know which is your favourite in the comments below =D

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