Friday, 4 December 2015

Imma let you finish ...

... But Chanel made the most important dress of the last century. 

I bought this Decades dress for 60 starcoins (!) a couple of years ago, and today I decided to wear it casually. Farfetched perhaps, but looking at the picture, I thought the outfit had a certain Kanye in kilt-vibe – mainly because of the shoes and the silhouette with the dropped waist. The versatility of the original little black dress, designed to be worn at practically any occasion, is endless, and I love that it was sold at such an accessible price in the Starplaza. I really miss the Decades store.

Little Black Dress 1927 – Decades
Thick Patent Belt – Archive
Burgundy Chained Handbag – Limited Edition
Black Platform Sneakers – Fallen Angel

Love, Kanye

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