Wednesday, 16 December 2015

I N S P I R E D B Y O S C A R D E L A R E N T A | Tribute Review

So we found out about this Tribute last week, but I've been looking forward to this Inspired By Oscar De La Renta ever since! The homepage ad is ever so glamorous and those models totally pull me in and make me wanna be one of them - selling the store to the max^
We got 3 whole floors of this Tribute, and it's amazing because there's just so much in there! The focus really is on women's clothing, because that's what the brand is, however there is a male Tshirt so you guys can be included too^ I'll point out here there is a female logo Top too - so if you're not one for gowns or fancy dresses but want something of the collection, this might be for you. And in terms of these more minimal pieces, they're rounded out by the Tribute Tote. I'm not so sure these are pieces for me - I'm all for the gowns and glamour^
I'm gonna start simple and work up, so accessories first. There really wasn't much jewellery, that doesn't bother me because it's not a brand known for jewellery. I do very much like the Chain Of Roses because I think it could be both dressed up and down, and could add a small feminine touch to more masculine outfits which it would fit in for its dark colour. There's just two bags available, and I like them both! The Leather Flower Clutch is beautifully girly and so intricately detailed - I love zooming in on it and seeing the closeup beauty in pieces like this. I think it would look fab with other leather items. And then there's the DelaRenta Tribute Goa Box Clutch which is perfect for the season of celebrating with it's golden sparkle - I like that it's not too much though, versatility is key^ And now shoes, of which there is a pretty good selection. I didn't find myself fawning over too many pairs though, I tried everything on and just found a lot weren't right for me or my style, but I did like the look of both the Embroidered DeLaRenta Inspired Heels for femininity and the De La Renta Inspired Heels for a classic style which could be worn with just about anything!
And now clothing! Aside from dresses, there are a few other pieces included in the release. There's two very different skirts - the Mermaid High Waist Skirt with super cool geometric patterning and the very spring/summer Minty Green Mini Skirt which is perfect for the girly of us out there, it's a piece I'm looking forward to styling next season! To go with these are a couple of tops, and I love both the Mermaid Flower Top (I mean look at those flower details, so cool!) and the Laced Crop Top. They each are versatile pieces and I can see them both looking very good outwith this collection on their own two feet^ Rounding off this little section is the Faux Fur Purple Vest, now I do find it a little odd and it doesn't quite meld with the collection, but something drew my eye to it and I bought it to see how one might go around styling this - we all know I like a good challenge =D
So the dresses, the essence of the release! Although there were a few pieces I really didn't like for my doll (e.g the Short Feather Dress or the Chiffon Flower Dress), generally I really liked the pieces we got! For glitzy-ness I adore the Silver Fringe Gold Dress, plus the cut is really flattering and super slimming. Bonus points for making my doll feel a million dollars (for just 34^). For a treat, I purchased myself the Striped DeLaRenta Tribute Dress just because it's kinda awesome. At 38SD's it's getting expensive, but the design, shape and style are great so it's worth a consideration if you can afford it. There are a few beautiful pieces I do really like but decided not to purchase because I don't think I'd get the wear out of them - like the Red Carpet DeLaRenta Tribute with it's gorgeous feather effect or the Embroidered DeLaRenta Inspired Gown with delicate flowering patterns. I do find myself attracted to the more 'minimal' items to purchase, although is there really minimal with Oscar De La Renta? Probably not! So here I'm talking the Bridal Inspired Mini Dress, the The Hip Dress and the Silhouette Dress - all great designs but with just a little less flair. I think these pieces would work most versatile-y out of all  the dresses available.
Pricing for this collection ranges from 14 to 39SD's and there is one each of SS and Royalty only pieces. I'm sure a lot of members would say this is expensive, but it's pretty on par with Tribute collections in the past. And it doesn't have to be pricey at all if you pick and choose your purchases wisely^
No styled outfits just yet for this collection, hopefully I'll do some over the holidays (when I actually might have some time off^) but right now features =)
Starting off with a great use of the interior from Isabella8103 - don't you just want this bathroom?! I know I do^
And now two looks with the Striped DeLaRenta Tribute Dress, both looking super stylish but in two unique ways:
Firstly Mery.- going for some yellow accents and featuring this LE top, a great way to wear it and suiting those smokey eyes^
And secondly Mia1435 choosing a draped crop with a floral detail sticking with the basics on colour. Totally cannot get enough of this beauty look though, the hair is perfect for the dress and red lips^

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