Monday, 7 December 2015

S T R I K E A P O S E | Feature Set

We had a special Christmas release of Strike-a-Pose on Friday. I've never been too much of a fan and my doll doesn't fit into their categories of light, medium and dark, however I don't think I'd wear a lot of the poses anyway. I do usually quite like some of the 'normal' clothing and shoes - I was able to buy the Cropped V Shirt, however I really did want the Brown Top! Anyway, so no review as it's not something I want to do for a store I didn't buy a lot from, nor was interested in buying a lot from, so just a set of features because some dolls are totally working this release^
Firstly Marbum, who I caught in two different looks and needed to get both in here! The first is a cosy look featuring the Fashionable Sporty Pose and the Brown Leather High Heels, while the second makes good use of the Black Leather High Heels. I love both looks and they totally sell me those boots if only they were still available! I think the second look in particular calls me and I love the use of that skirt with the jacket and poloneck, a real perfect combination =)
Next millaxx wearing the Time For A Sparkle Leg Pose, and it's been styled super well! I love it as a shorter skirt with this oversized LE sweater ontop, plus the greys work together very well. The scarf with the lace adds a matching, but slightly feminine touch, and I think that studded bag is a great final touch =D
And finally mreninhalinda, wearing the Waiting For Santa Pose Dark, and I think it looks good here! Grey is a perfect colour match and contrast for the bright reds of both the trousers and shoes, and although the MM Fashion bag is definitely a different choice, I think it works well with this outfit as a whole - love it!

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