Friday, 4 December 2015

C A L L I E S P I C K S | Release Review

And another fortnightly Callie's Picks is here! The homepage ad is super cute and I quite like seeing two Callie's there, she's looking pretty adorable and I'm wishing I could pull off that smile!
So a couple of floors with this release themed on mix and match - it's a good idea, but I'm not sure quite how well it's conveyed because I think there are a lot better pieces which would go together.
There's not too many different accessories, and there's a main focus on shoes I'd think. The Pattern Heels are definitely super versatile with their pale colour, but I found myself really quite liking the Yellow Band Stripe Shoes. They're pretty quirky, but I think they'd be a good standout piece for a more minimal outfit, plus they're only 6SD's, which isn't too much really! What also stood out from the accessories was the Enamel Flowers Necklace, which I tried and then put back when I first loaded the store, but I tried it again a few hours later and made my purchase! I think I was inspired by my Wear Dem Jewels Challenge to give more jewellery pieces a go =D
The clothing is pretty dominated by skirts, which is pretty sweet seeing as I'm all for skirts right now! The Maze Striped Miniskirt is definitely the most minimal choice, but I'm adoring the opposite end of the scale with the Teal Gems Skirt and the Polka Dot Print Skirt with those colours! To match, I wasn't feeling the tops quite so much. I already own the Floral Applique Top, but I was so glad to be able to purchase the Polka Dot Sheer Blouse! I've been looking for it fairly casually for a while since seeing a great outfit with it on someone and it's great that I have it now =) Unfortunately that's as far as I got with liking a lot of the other clothes - the dresses are alright, but nothing that works in my style really!
Prices for this release range from 6 to 28SD's and I think most items were pretty fairly priced. I didn't find myself spending too much really because I didn't feel the pull to buy a lot of pieces, so that always helps save the pennies^
I put together a few styled outfits with the Polka Dot Sheer Blouse, I like the styles I was going for but not necessarily all the aspects of the looks. There's definitely a combination I want to wear again in the first look, but my favourite is the second, really love it with that shearling^


  1. It certainly wasn't one of the good Callie's picks releases. Great stylings of the dot blouse though! All three of them are my favourite ;)

  2. I really love the 1st outfit! I like the blouse but it looks pretty weird on my doll. I just bought few things specially tops and the pants :( That's all that looks "good" on my doll.