Saturday, 26 December 2015

Christmas Gift-O-Meter Styled Outfits

So the start of this week brought the Christmas Gift-O-Meter - spend 200SD's in the Plaza and you can earn yourself all the gifts. Of course there's 10 different increments until this 200SD point, so you can get a reward for spending just 15SD which I think is a pretty good deal. And there's still plenty of time to get involved, with it not closing until the 4th of January^ Luckily for me (and I'm sure many of you) the Chanel Tribute came out the same day, and so purchasing items from there along with a couple of Hotbuys helped my Meter fill right up. So I've decided to style some of the pieces for you guys today!
My first look styles my favourite piece from the Meter, the Over Shouler Suit Jacket (not my spelling mistake, this one's on Stardoll^) available when spending 40SD's which is a pretty good bargain. I could have done a whole post on just this piece but for my one look I stuck with classic white and then used  this blue Hotbuys top to combine with the shades. Love this silver bag with it too and glad I'm getting more use out of it since my challenge post on it =) My second look is super casual with the Ripped Fashion Jeans available at a spending of 25SD's, another pretty good catch. I liked the idea of going over the top with rips and so chose this denim jacket for a double-denim look. Kept the rest simple with a white shirt and trainers. And I finally styled the Gigi Vanity Gown which is the last step on the Meter available at a spend of 200SD. This was a piece I wasn't all that bothered about really, it's a very lovely dress but the cut-out style isn't the perfect one for me, for this gown is pretty revealing. I fixed that up with a base-layer and this Chanel Chained Sweater to give a pretty skirt look and I'm glad that I still can get use from this dress because I think this works out pretty nicely for it^

Let me know what you think of the gifts and my looks in the comments below! And once again, merry Christmas =D 

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