Tuesday, 15 December 2015

I T G I R L S | Release Review

Friday brought us a new It Girls collection, and I have to say, after seeing the spoilers I would have thought maybe Nelly and not It Girls - a pleasant surprise nonetheless! The ad looks amazing and makes me wanna be one of them, an 'It Girl' so it's definitely doing the job. And that hair on the left, I want perfect locks like that^
So this was the usual size of release with a lot of choice and also styles and items which are perfect with the season - especially the choice of knits which I am grateful for. I also think the colours are pretty season-appropriate too, so all round a pretty decent choice there!
There were fewer accessories with this release, but I'm quite pleased with what we did get because two bags, shoes and a scarf is enough for me! I adore the design of both the Mini Me Handbag and the Boho Chloe Inspired Bag and both are pieces I look forward to styling for my Bag It Up Challenge because I have plenty of ideas already. I passed on the Oversize Wool Camel Scarf for right now, but the colour is great as is the StarCoin price^ I did purchase the Snake Suede Shoes because of the colour and that snake suede patterning, it's minimal but enough to make them stand out against other shoes - I plan on doing a set of Styled Outfits with them in the new year.
Onto clothing now, and there's a good range available. Knitted pieces are the focus and there's more than just jumpers and sweaters to choose from. The Knitted Mini Skirt has a lovely purple-y colour, while I also like the teal shades of the Knitted Tassels Dress, but is it kinda bad that I wanna try knitted trousers? I think they could be good ... might just be me in that camp^ But the sweaters are good too, there's deep green with the Knit And Braids Sweater and icicle-cool with the Ice Blue Braided Sweater. I also like the femininity of the shape and design of the Blue Wool Sweater. And all of these look pretty darn good with the best piece of the collection - the Suede Over Shoulder Biker! This jacket is amazing, and definitely rivals any of the leather ones in this style we've had in the past. I particularly love the little details on the collars and the sleeves, giving it a unique touch. Both pairs of trousers from the release are pretty good and provide for contrasting styles. The Beige Wide Pants have a chic vibe and would look great in a formal style, while the Cropped Of Pants would work great with other dark colours and in casual looks, I think I'm gonna give these a go with some nice sneakers first^
The prices range from 11 to 21SD's, which is pretty much on target for the store and for the items. I didn't feel like I was being ripped off at all and I was happy to pay what the items were set to, happy all round =)
And now my styled outfits for this release:
Firstly the Suede Over Shoulder Biker. In my first look I also included Mini Me Handbag, which works nicely with the Faux Fur Top colouring. And I think the shape of the jacket works well with this style of look. For my second I went with a dress and shirt - definitely a more summery or even spring look! I think the shape of the dress suits the jacket reasonable well and it's a combination I'd wear again.
And for all my love of this winter collection, my looks with the Blue Wool Sweater are very much summery, and I didn't intend this at all - what is wrong with me?! Anyway, loved wearing it with navy in my first look, I just wish I could have found a good matching jacket (and ignore my bad editing!). My second and third looks are paired with white and I think the sweater looks good with both the culottes and the dress, making it a versatile piece. Accessorising these two looks definitely wasn't tricky!
And finally a couple of quick features:
This is Polina_Bast styling the Suede Over Shoulder Biker along with the Cropped Of Pants in a very stylish look. I love the addition of the navy top, I think it makes a great difference in the outfit^
And secondly this is Zeszyteres wearing the Mini Me Handbag in a monochrome look. I think the bag suits this style of dress well with the low v cut and the leather jacket will always work well^
And lastly *starrr* wearing the Cropped Of Pants too, but I love the glamourous casual feel this look has, which I think particularly comes from the addition of this shimmery coat and the more simplistic belt - great work!

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