Tuesday, 22 December 2015


Accidentally (heh, "accidentally") bought a lot of Chanel yesterday, and received this very fitting tee from the Gift-o-meter. I would call myself a minimalist, but I love to use at least one thing that is a little bit questionable in my outfits, like this brutally large logo-necklace. The two textual statements here visually almost cancel each other out, while having a conversation. Oh, how I love being a fashion victim!

Chunky Chanel Necklace – Chanel Tribute
Fashion Weak Tee – Special offer
Deep Velvet Trousers – Tingeling Halloween Couture
Fake Fur Clutch – Nelly
Black Couture Bottines – Dior Couture Tribute

1 comment:

  1. That is a very good description of a very good outfit :) And I love how you can read the satetments as just one. Great hairstyle as well.