Wednesday, 2 December 2015

V O I L E | Release Review

At the end of last week we got a new Voile release, which I felt was a little surprise^ This collection really is preparing for the winter party season and I hope there'll be more soon too. The homepage ad is full of glamour and all you could ask for from Voile so let's get right in with the store!
The release brought two whole floors packed to the brim with dresses and glamorous pieces, I found it hard to know where to start with first! I was super impressed with the whole release really, so big claps to Stardoll for it, some of those designs are amazing^
In terms of accessories I think the bags stole the show by far. The shoes weren't doing to much for me in terms of new pieces that are different to what we've already got - I do quite like the Diamond Evening Heels and think they would be a good purchase if you're looking for minimal on the glamorous side! The Velvet Platform Wedges do seem a little out of place I think, but their texture is amazing when you look up close, so definitely worth a consideration. They're in coins, but are also SS though, so won't be available for everyone which is a bit of a shame! So back to the bags - I think I bought them all, and I especially love the Ebony Minaudiere for formal and dressed up looks the season and the The Softest Evening Bag for more everyday winter looks, however I will be focussing more on them when I style them in my current challenge^
So the clothes are predominantly dresses, but there is a really good variety of them available. There's classic white with the Tulle Evening Gown or black glamour with the Cutout Sequin Gown, or you can get some feminine feels with the Metallic Evening Gown which is my ultimate favourite piece from the collection! It's just so dreamy and I really am looking forward to glamming up my doll in it =D The other non-dress clothing totally had their game up too really, with the stunning Beaded Catsuit and some trousers. I really quite like both the Tailored Silk Trousers and the Tailored Sparkle Trousers and am very glad for their inclusion in the store.
The prices for the release range from 11 to 32SD's with a couple of SC items thrown in the middle there. I think the prices are pretty good for the quality and design of the items, so no complaints from me!
So I've styled a few of the pieces I bought:
Firstly the Beaded Catsuit, which I've tried to go for different things and because something this sheer wouldn't normally be something I'd wear. I love the details with the faux fur of the first look but also seeing the piece dressed down in the second - this jumpsuit works very well as trousers!
Seondly the Ivory Lace Cami on the left, which I intended to dress up but ended up with the opposite. I loved this piece at first and saw some great looks with it, but somehow I don't like it so much on myself - will give this a few more goes though! And Thirdly the Tulle Evening Cape which I couldn't not wear with a dress! Went with pale colours of the purples, blues and pinks - all that lightness and airiness in the last look just makes it feel dreamy and I'm so glad I recently splurged on this Sonia Rykiel dress!
Finally some features - saw so many people wearing the items well, it was hard to pick just a couple:
France25 has done an amazing job with customising the Voluminous Evening Coat into a very trendy street look, I think it's perfect!
Pervuhina is looking breathtaking in the dark look with the Beaded Catsuit - in fact it looks so good that this look made me buy the piece^ It works so well with the fringing of the outerwear, such a great look!
Finally a bright white look thrown into the mix from nicki_-_-minaj styling the Tulle Evening Cape and it sure does look good with capri trousers and a pointed heel. Plus that red lip is the perfect beauty addition^

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  1. I didn't care much for this store release, but after seeing all of these oufits I must say you got me inerested in some pieces...