Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Don't Change the Chan(n)el

I don't know what I should be more excited about this week - the new Chanel Tribute or the new Gift-o-meter? 
I managed to spend so much on the Chanel Tribute that I actually unlocked all the gifts at once. I could have put a look together four or five different ways, but I settled on this:

I think the Coco Made Me Tee is probably my favourite piece from the whole collection. It's casual, but not too slouchy. I particularly love that tucked in detail along the bottom hem. My gut reaction was to put this with the Gift-o-Meter Roses Skirt as well, but I wanted to play with the casual/dressed up contrast a little more. Not to mention, grey and hot pink is one of my favourite combos, nor should an opportunity to crack out my favourite heels be overlooked.
As for the Over Shouler Suit Jacket (I'm guessing that's a typo...sigh) I will use this over and over and over and over and over....

Ingredient / You Will Need:
Coco Made Me Tee | Chanel Tribute
Knit Maxi Dress | Velvet Orchid
Over Shoulder Suit Jacket | Special Offer Gift-o-Meter
Double Chanel Purses | Chanel Tribute
Rosa PVC Stilettos | Riviera
Tortoiseshell Frame Glasses | The Jetset

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