Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Trying trainers #1

(Or sneakers as you guys in the US call them!)
So recently (well at least for the past few seasons) wearing trainers in a fashionable way has climbed up the ranks, I wear Converse a lot in RL, and have fallen into the "white low-tops and skinnies" category without knowing it really - so I've decided to give it a little try on Stardoll, partly because I always style my doll in heels and partly as inspiration from this fab look by --Kayley:
I really love this look, with the sporty styled trousers and white top with the trainers, plus a cap and the Antidote perspex bag! I always like seeing this sort of look on others, but if I tried it, I'd never be able to pull it off!
So I went to the bazaar and then the plaza to buy myself some trainers, and there is actually a good selection in both places, in the case of the plaza it's just finding the right price, as I've seen one pair priced at under 10SD's and also over 500SD's, which is just a bit ridiculous!
 So I purchased my first trainers in the plaza for 4SD's and they came from Original Future, and here's how I chose to style them:
I focussed on the purple in them, and chose items with a similar base colour, so the navy trousers(Ralph Lauren at Nelly.com) and the slouchy sweater(It Girls), I further added a large purple handbag(RIO, old HB item) - this is a piece I haven't worn in absolutely ages partially, I think, because it's not too easy to style, but I enjoyed pairing it with this sporty-styled look =)

In the plaza there are numerous pairs of trainers to be bought, in different styles and colours and at varying prices, so I'm sure there will be a pair for each of you!

Everyday for the rest of this week I'm going to be trying trainers and showing you the successes (and fails) of my stylings!

Love K xxx

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