Friday, 17 May 2013

Style Makeover: RockinEllee

The 6th style makeover, I do it in the order signed up for, but don't include those who've been inactive in quite a while. In case you didn't read the post about it before/are new to the blog, basically this segment is where people who have signed up get an outfit styled by myself. I only use clothes they already own(so if you have few items it will be more difficult) so no purchase is necessary.

 {Left = Before, Right = After}
Elle is definitely one of these people who doesn't need a style makeover - she looks fab far more often than not! But I've given her style makeover my best shot!
The only think that I'm not a fan of in the before look would be the socks and the flat boots, if you visit me regularly, you will see that I rarely wear flat shoes, to me they just aren't that flattering(it's personal opinion, you don't have to feel the same). I kept the idea of the high waisted skirt from her 'before' look, and chose the Hotbuys mini skirt to style, I used it's jewelled waist as detail so I didn't feel the need to overload with accessories or prints(plus she doesn't have many clothes in her closet - it was a challenge to choose!). I kept it simple with a white cropped tee and black heels, and accessorised with basic sunglasses.
It reminds me of minnie mouse so much!
Hope you like it!

Love K xxx

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  1. I actually like the first look compared to the other since it shows a lot of personality and personal style, whereas The second look is way too overly simplistic and doesn't show any effort in trying to put together an outfit. A basic shirt and skirt with black chunky heeled shoes? Not very amazing.